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3D scanning and 3D printing in healthcare

Algorithm development and AI

Motion analysis and biomechanics

Orthotics, prosthetics and exoskeletons

Wearables and monitoring systems



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Through the CareForMore project, companies and organizations can access Mobilab & Care's extensive expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Companies can rely on us for simulating, measuring, and analyzing human movement patterns, practical testing and validating orthopedic and biomedical technology, 3D scanning and printing technology, measurement equipment, exoskeletons, assistive technology, algorithms, sensors, and wearables for applications in the healthcare sector.

Moreover, Mobilab & Care has developed its own healthcare technology, databases, and software tools validated in previous research projects. The project is supported by EFRO, with a total grant of 207,087 euros

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Some possibilities

  • Gait and motion simulation, in which a robot can perform an imposed motion pattern such as walking millions of times
  • 3D motion capture and analysis
  • High-speed video analysis
  • Measurement of muscle activity
  • Pressure and force measurements
  • Dynamic 3D-scanning of the foot and lower leg
  • Dynamic 4D measurement of the spine
  • 3D scanning, 3D designing and 3D printing
  • Testing in the experience lab, which is a living environment equipped with the latest technologies
  • Mechanical testing of orthopedic devices
  • Measurement of physiological parameters using wearables and VR technology


With Care4More, we aim to bridge the gap between our research and the needs of companies by providing access to research infrastructure and knowledge at Thomas More in the field of healthcare technology through demonstration projects.


Currently, research infrastructure is underutilized for experimental development in healthcare. To make our knowledge more accessible, there's a need for a clear, bundled offering of available infrastructure and expertise that is widely communicated.

Furthermore, companies and organizations require more support to embark on innovative, and sometimes disruptive, paths. Challenges like a lack of a 'sense of urgency,' limited 'innovation culture,' restricted research and development capacity, and limited knowledge of new technologies hinder the market adoption of innovative technologies.

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Our role

Through demonstration projects such as workshops, co-creation sessions and laboratory tests, companies and organizations can:

  • Enhance the market readiness of their innovative products, services, and processes by subjecting them to practical testing using appropriate research infrastructure and expertise from Mobilab & Care
  • Expand their knowledge of innovative processes, technologies, new target demographics, and new product/market combinations
  • Receive guidance in transitioning from traditional methods to digitalization and automation
  • Establish partnerships for the valorization of healthcare technology developed at Thomas More, which has already undergone validation in a research project and is nearing potential market implementation.

This project is executed by Mobilab & Care, in collaboration with LiCalab and Health & Care Network Kempen.


Following the project, we aim to sustain this offering within Mobilab & Care. Our goal is to support a minimum of 20 companies annually in their pursuit of innovation, the adoption of new technologies, and the application of research findings.



Tom Saey

Passionate about automation of personalised 3D design, 3D scanning and 3D printing in healthcare applications.

Research manager

Sofie Verhaegen

Proud to lead a passionate team conducting impactful research at the intersection of care, well-being and technology.

Research manager

Lieven De Maesschalck

Innovation manager for the team, end-user driven with the aim of creating impact at the intersection of technology and wellbeing.


Bert Bonroy

Fascinated by how technology can support care today and tomorrow.


Hannelore Boey

Fascinated by the moving human, always up for an active break.


Veerle Creylman

Loves to chat about orthoses, prosthetics and how to make them as optimal as possible, for every patient!


Glen Debard

Researcher committed to introducing technology in (mental) health care for young and old.


Daniel Morales

Passionate about design and mechanisms, will 3d scan you and make you an exoskeleton if you let him. 


Romy Sels

Specialised in using technology to optimise the rehabilitation process.


Roy Sevit

Passionate about using technology that supports humans and all their discomforts, creative and out-of-the-box!


Jef Van Baelen

Communication specialist who loves beautiful sentences and clear formulations.

Research staff

Griet Verellen

All-round research support officer. Helping hand for solving (ad hoc) problems (jack-of-all-trades)

Research staff

Ine Willemse

Research support specialist who manages the financial aspects of projects. A curious problem solver who enjoys good food.