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Start in September

Is September the best fit for you? Great! Every programme has a September start date. Check the  admission requirements for international degree students,  apply and you’re in!  We can hardly wait to meet you at our Welcome Days.

Start in February

The following programmes offer a February start date and guarantee a 6-semester (3-year) study path.  Check the  admission requirements for international degree students,  apply and you’re in! Of course, we’ll organise Welcome Days for you too!

Full Bachelor Degrees (3 year)
  • International Business Management: Data Science, Protection and Security
  • International Business Management: International Business and Trade
  • International Business Management: Global Supply Chain Management
  • International Communication and Media
  • International Tourism and Leisure
Short programmes (1 year)
  • Short Programme International Communication & Media (public and corporate affairs)
  • Short Programme International Tourism & Leisure
Bachelor Degrees without a guaranteed 3 year study path (3+ year)
  • Applied Computer Science
  • Electronics-ICT

Postgraduate programmes are not available for a start in February.


Need some advice before deciding when to start?

We understand that you may need some more personal guidance when making a decision on your start date. We’ve got you covered!
Check out our  'Meet us' page to connect with us through webinars, open days and more! 

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the programme manager of your programme. Plus, our admissions team  and international support are always there  to help you with more general questions!