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Exchange Programme

Management and Administration



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Management and Administration

One diploma, ten experiences on your CV and 100 possibilities

Do you want to organise events? Design and develop communications for online or offline channels? Manage employees or clients? Work in the medical sector? Work with foreign languages or exclusively work in your native language? Translate or combine languages and apply your knowledge of different cultures? The choice is yours!

You’ll learn your job by doing. Alongside your studies you’ll work on real project assignments for real companies. You will be taught by experts in the field, which will help you build a professional network during your programme. These are ten real experiences you can add to your CV!

Event manager, project manager, communications manager, (international) HR manager, (international) customer relations manager, health care manager, translator, intercultural manager, entrepreneur: the job opportunities in various sectors at home and abroad are endless!

Practical information

  • Admission requirements

    Only students from partner universities can enroll as exchange student after nomination by your home coordinator.

  • Where

    On campus

  • Tuition fee

    Exchange Students from partner universities where both schools have signed and Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) don't have to pay tuition fees.

  • Conditions

    You must be studying at one of our partner institutions. You must be nominated by your home coordinator and accepted by the exchange programme at Thomas More (see admission procedure for exchange students).

  • Language requirements

    English B2

  • Erasmus code



The Management and Administration programme combines languages, culture, and business together topics such as Events, Human Resources and Intercultural diversity.
We advise students to choose courses for approx. 30 ECTS per semester.
Please read the prerequisites of every course carefully before applying.
Thomas More remains the right to change the learning agreement upon arrival if the student

The academic year in a nutshell

Below you can find an overview of the courses (under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per course. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
  • The combination of courses can be restricted by planning issues and needs to be communicated beforehand.
  • Courses marked with a * are offered fully online. This means you don't have to physically come to Belgium to take these courses.
  • Would you like to know the detailed content of each subject? Check the programme guide.
  • Language courses: exchange students must include in their application a document stating their actual level of the chosen language.

OPO code ECTS Autumn Spring
Compulsory general courses
Marketing Fundamentals YB1281 3 X
Sales YB1001 3 X
Business Fundamentals YB1316 3 X
Social Media YB1131 3 X
Corporate Social Responsibility YB1319 3 X
Intercultural Communication YR0129 3 X
Nederlands 1 YR0118 3 X
Intercultural Communication YE0361 3 X
Business communication topics YP0604 3 X
Business Analytics YB1000 3 X
Sales Management YB1149 3 X
Business Intelligence Fundamentals YB1006 3 X
Management Skills YB1056 3 X
Nederlands 1 YR0381 3 X
Package 1 - Management & administration
Project & Event: Trade Fairs  YO0535 3 X
Business Communication YB1125 3 X
Experience lab: Cross-cultural communication YO0646 3 X
Experience lab: Dialogue interculturel YO0679 3 X
Culture & Art Topics YE0324 3 X
Hospitality Basics YE0380 3 X
Societal & Consumer trends YB1196 X
Online Electives
Regional focus - North America YR0555 3 X
Regional focus - Latin America YR0549 3 X
Regional focus - Europe YR0546 3 X
OPO code ECTS Autumn Spring
Regional focus - Africa YR0540 3 X
Regional focus - Asia YR0543 3 X
Regional focus - Middle East YR0552 3 X
Hotel Operations YE0429 3 X
Hotel Operations YE0430 3 X
Languages Electives
Chinese 1 YB1060 3 X
Chinese 2 YB1061 3 X
Chinese 3 YB1062 3 X
Deutsch 1 YB1063 3 X
Deutsch 2 YE0183 3 X
Deutsch 2 YB1064 3 X
Deutsch 3 YO0238 3 X
Español 1 YB1066 3 X
Español 2 YE0335 3 X
Espanol 2 YB1067 3 X
Español 3 YB0766 3 X
Español 3 YB1068 3 X
Français débutant 1 YE0441 3 X
Français débutant 2 YB1070 3 X
Français débutant 2 YB0665 3 X
Français débutant 3 YB1259 3 X
Français débutant 3 YB1071 3 X
Dutch A1 YR0609 3 X
Dutch A2 YE0388 3 X
Dutch A2 YE0440 3 X
This course does not start in February.



Languages are key in the Management and Administration programme.

You can choose between English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch! You will also use these languages effectively within various project courses.

Intercultural diversity

Borders are dissolving, cultures are melting. Focus on four regions in which you want to excel. Europe, Africa, Latin/North America, Asia or the Middle East. Inter-National experts fly over to immerse you the culture and professional routines.


Are you more business oriented? Choose additional courses from the Business Management programme or why not from the Tourism and Leisure Management programme?

Got questions?

International Coordinator

Martine Michiels

For all your questions on the courses and Learning Agreements. +32 15 36 91 58
International Office

Hannelore Vervoort

For all your questions on the application procedure & practical arrangements. +32 14 56 21 56