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Energy in buildings

Supporting professionals in the selection, evaluation and practical application of techniques

We evaluate energy techniques for buildings and combinations of those techniques. This provides us with new insights that we share within the industry. Based on our research, we develop practical tools in areas such as selection, dimensioning, control, energy performance, etc.

We provide this support to professionals, including installers, energy experts, building managers, manufacturers, suppliers, engineering firms, and authorities, among others.


Our expertise

We focus on analysis and optimisation of techniques for sustainable and affordable comfort in buildings.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Energy performance & EPB
  • Smart control of thermal installations
  • Renovation of heating appliances
  • Sanitary hot water

Our projects

With our research we ensure impact. Sustainable use of energy is increasingly important and we are investigating how we can use energy efficiently. Our projects include how to sustainably cool buildings, how you can flexibly buffer and control heat in buildings, etc. An overview of our projects can be found here.

Discover our projects on energy in buildings here!



Bert De Schutter

Practical application of energy technologies in buildings and greenhouses. Technical-economic evaluations of heat grids, heat pumps, etc., among others.


Paul De Schepper

Expertise in building energy technologies.


Lien Mertens

Energy training coordination. Energy researcher.


Simon Binnemans

Expertise in building energy technologies. Energy technology teacher.


Nickey Van den Bulck

Expertise in building energy technologies. Tutor continuing education and training certified installer.


Thomas De Feyter

Expert EPB. EPB training and refresher courses teacher.


Tom Vercammen

Passionate about energy technologies in buildings. Project manager & business developer.

Research manager

Griet Janssen

Proud of this team: bright researchers, knowledgeable staff, fine people.