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Energy in greenhouse horticulture

Greenhouse farmers can receive individual advice from us. In addition, new insights from our research are also incorporated into general advice and tools. We rely on our extensive knowledge of energy legislation, energy markets, support mechanisms, etc.

With our practice-oriented research, we optimise existing techniques and processes, but we also analyse new insights and techniques and examine how these can be applied effectively within greenhouse horticulture, both technically and economically.

Our expertise

  • Alternative energy supply
  • Technical-economic evaluations for the application of energy technologies in greenhouse horticulture
  • Optimisation of climate control for efficient use of energy
  • Data analysis - AI
  • Growing in climate chambers
  • Simulation of CO2 emissions
  • CO2 capture and purification
  • ...

Together you achieve more

Our research on sustainable and efficient energy use in greenhouse horticulture is usually carried out in close cooperation and consultation with:

  • The Knowledge Centre Glasshouse Horticulture, a consortium of Flemish producer organisations
  • The greenhouse horticulture companies themselves
  • Trial and practical centres for horticulture
  • Universities and other colleges of higher education
  • Governments
  • ...

Our projects

With our research, we create impact. The sustainable use of energy is becoming increasingly important and we research how to use energy efficiently. Our projects include the feasibility of heat exchange to and from greenhouse horticulture companies, how to use artificial intelligence in greenhouse horticulture, etc. An overview of our projects can be found here.

Discover our greenhouse horticulture projects here!



Herman Marien

Greenhouse horticulture expert. Lecturer and greenhouse horticulture representative.


Jeroen van Roy

Expertise in techniques for indoor farming, data analytics and smart lighting greenhouse horticulture


Fjo De Ridder

Interest in greenhouse horticulture, energy and climate control with expertise in data analysis and CO2 supply


Bert De Schutter

Practical application of energy technologies in buildings and greenhouses. Technical-economic evaluations of heat grids, heat pumps, etc., among others.


Jan Creylman

Expertise in CO2 capture and storage, data analysis and modeling


Carla Siongers

Consultant and researcher greenhouse horticulture


Ali Bagheri

Passionate about data analysis, modeling and AI and MPC in the field of energy technologies.

Research manager

Griet Janssen

Proud of this team: bright researchers, knowledgeable staff, fine people.


Sara Hooyberghs

Expertise in building and greenhouse energy technologies