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Neuromarketing is the measurement of physiological and neural signals to understand customers' emotions, preferences and decisions. Since a few years, neuromarketing has become more and more accessible. Through our project, we want to introduce Flemish companies to the technology and skills, let them discover the possibilities and get them started.

How can neuromarketing enhance the impact of marketing and advertising?

The most commonly used methods within neuromarketing are:

  • Brain scanning, in which neural activity is measured.
  • Psychophysiological tracking, measuring eye movements, skin conductance, micro-expressions and other psychological activity variables.
Measuring emotions

In this project, we focus on measuring emotion because it has been proven that emotion - what makes a campaign or advertisement feel - is one of the most important determinants of the success of marketing communications and advertising. Moreover, research shows that detection of emotion through specialized technology can better predict the success of marketing and advertising campaigns than traditional tools such as questionnaires and focus groups.

Accessible to Flemish businesses

Neuromarketing requires specialized equipment and skills that until recently were beyond the reach of most companies, but have become more and more accessible in recent years. This project aims to introduce Flemish companies to this technology and skills, let them get started with it and discover the possibilities.


Through this research we want to gain knowledge and insights on recently available emotion detection technologies and share them with Flemish companies and enterprises. These technologies can contribute to the development of better marketing and advertising campaigns, as they can be actively used to:

  • acquire and retain customers;
  • improve brand perception and awareness.

In addition, we will also prepare and share manuals and best practices on the use and implementation of various emotion-detecting technologies and work on four concrete proof-of-concepts with members of our guidance group.


Research manager

Dieter Struyf

Research manager Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation.


Nele De Witte

Nele De Witte (PhD) is a researcher in the People and Well-being research group, research line Psychology and technology. Her areas of expertise include wearables and XR. She is also the scientific coordinator of LiCalab.


Audrey Verrall

Audrey is researcher Digital Media Experiences. She is currently focusing on mapping the needs of the media and audiovisual sector with regard to innovation and she is studying the usability of various neuromarketing techniques.


Dries  Van Craen

Dries is a researcher and developer. Within research projects, his main interest is in the 'technological side'. He is currently involved in the Presence, Neuromarking and Experience Hub projects.


Eveline Smolders

Valorisation staff - researcher

Fien Buelens

Fien Buelens (MSc) is a researcher and business developer in the People and Well-being research group, research line Psychology and technology. From her expertise, she facilitates the connection between research and practice.