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Proactively combating underprotection through mobile social info-points

Commissioned by Leader-Kempen-Oost


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Exhausting rights

Many people living in poverty and other vulnerable groups (people with a disability, the elderly, etc.) do not receive the appropriate assistance or the financial allowances to which they are entitled.

In order to remedy this situation, social workers and community workers from the OCMW of Balen go to the homes of vulnerable individuals and families, specifically to priority areas in their community.

Questions, Information and Advice

Using a mobile social information point, they go to the most vulnerable people in Balen and make sure they know their rights and/or are referred to the right care and support. In some cases, they even help open doors by visiting people at home.

The tools and methods developed in this project, as well as the material purchased to set up the social information point, are available to the 27 OCMWs in Kempen.

The mobile social information point was named ViA: Questions, Information and Advice.

VIA in De Gazet van Antwerpen

Discover the Local Client Consultation Roadmap. Integral and case-oriented work. Download the final report (in Dutch). 

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Draaiboek lokaal cliëntoverleg
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Nele Peeters

Joined the team in 2012. Fascinated by financial well-being and budget and debt counselling. A headstrong go-getter and an eloquent speaker. 

Research manager

Bérénice Storms

PhD in social sciences. Research manager Centre of Expertise Budget and Financial Well-being