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Helping companies to prevent physical overload in the workplace


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Sense to eXion is a TETRA project in which we help companies to prevent physical overload of their employees. We focus on awareness on the one hand and on wearable technology such as exoskeletons, preventive orthoses and sensors on the other.


The main goal is to raise awareness in companies about physical overloading in the workplace. In doing so, we teach them how to use smart sensors and exoskeletons to detect and address overload.

In addition, we want to increase companies’ knowledge about physical overloading and about prevention with wearable technology. We do this by actively involving them in the implementation of some cases.

We also provide advice on the design and development of preventive orthoses and exoskeletons.

In addition, we want to match workstations with their risks and with possible deployable technologies to reduce those risks. For this purpose, we are developing an evidence-based product selection tool. It will help companies to make the right technology choice.

We also want to involve students by integrating the project results and tools into lessons and projects and by organizing workshops.


Physical overload often leads to musculoskeletal disorders and those are the main cause of incapacity of work and absence at work.

Companies where employees are prone to musculoskeletal disorders due to heavy work, repetitive actions or uncomfortable static postures are looking for solutions to help their employees.

In recent years, many exoskeletons and sensors have been introduced to the market, but the knowledge about their use and deployment is still very small in the field.

Therefore, this project is relevant for:

  • Companies that want to focus on the physical health of their employees.
  • Enterprises where high-risk professional activities are performed such as heavy work, repetitive operations or uncomfortable static postures.
  • Distributors and developers of smart sensors, exoskeletons or preventive technology.
  • Companies and organizations that offer services to prevent physical overload.

Our role

Mobilab & Care is the project executor.



Hannelore Boey

Fascinated by the moving human, always up for an active break.


Romy Sels

Specialised in using technology to optimise the rehabilitation process.


Tom Saey

Passionate about automation of personalised 3D design, 3D scanning and 3D printing in healthcare applications.


Inge Van den Herrewegen

Forever on the path to essence and truth. Inspires at the bridge between theory and practice, science and connection.