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Inge Van den Herrewegen

Inge Van den Herrewegen

Care and well-being - Research group Mobilab & Care

3D scanning and 3D printing in healthcare

Motion analysis and biomechanics

Orthotics, prosthetics and exoskeletons

Forever on the path to essence and truth. Inspires at the bridge between theory and practice, science and connection.

Inge Van den Herrewegen is a biomedical engineer who has been working as an orthopaedic researcher at Mobilab & Care since 2010. Passionate about the biomechanical wonders of our body, she has primarily focused on feet. Her research has covered topics ranging from the actual effects of insoles to the latest measurement equipment, shoe design, and barefoot research in Brazil. She has been walking barefoot herself for six years now, and the challenge of foot research remains something she loves.

Inge enjoys working at the intersection of research and practice, seeking the truth and striving to implement it in the best possible way.