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Malnutrition and swallowing difficulties

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Tastes change

As we age, our taste preferences change. From a certain age, it even seems like food loses its flavor. In residential care centers or even at home, this can lead to malnutrition or at the very least, a deficiency in certain nutrients. Solutions are needed that take into account the taste and needs of the elderly.

We have developed a healthy, flavorful, and scientifically sound breakfast: TOPS Multi-Start!

Potjes versterkende maaltijd

Reintroducing safe and enjoyable eating for the elderly

The goal of this project is to bring back the joy of eating and improve nutritional intake for elderly individuals with dementia who were previously receiving mashed meals for breakfast.

This research initiative began when the De Bijster nursing home in Essen approached Mobilab & Care. They were seeking alternatives for their residents' breakfast. The repetitive servings of bread with chocolate spread or jam had become monotonous, and even the coffee or tea lost its appeal over time.

The situation was even more challenging for individuals with dementia, as their sense of taste and smell often deteriorates, and swallowing difficulties frequently arise. To address this, we formed a collaborative team with a Sodexo chef, a nutrition expert, a dietitian, and KU Leuven. Together, we explored and found a solution to this issue.


Further research

Currently, we are refining the shelf life of our meals and developing recipes that cater to various diets, including lactose-free diets. Additionally, we are continually creating new flavors. At present, our shakes are available in the following flavors: vanilla, speculoos, chocolate, apricot-apple, banana, and strawberry.

We are also exploring the possibility of expanding our target audience, including individuals with disabilities.

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Research manager

Lieven De Maesschalck

Innovation manager for the team, end-user driven with the aim of creating impact at the intersection of technology and wellbeing.


Charlotte Horemans

Enthusiastic food researcher with a heart for care.