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Assistive communication technology

Having the ability to communicate is a fundamental right

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Expert network across Flanders

Speaking is done with your mouth, writing with a pen, and surfing the internet with a computer mouse. However, there are numerous alternative ways to communicate. Were you aware that you can construct entire sentences just by using your eyes? Or signal whether you're feeling hot or cold using your toes? You can even create a card adorned with descriptive pictograms to convey your precise message.

At Modem, we seek solutions—solutions customized to your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can communicate in their preferred manner. We address both significant and minor challenges because the ability to communicate is a fundamental right.

Learn more about Modem

Giving everyone a voice

Who stands behind Modem? Modem operates as an expert network. This entails frequent gatherings with various specialists throughout Flanders to discuss supported communication technology.

We offer guidance to individuals facing communication challenges, providing insights into helpful solutions. Additionally, we organize training programs on assisted communication for professionals working in related fields, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, and nurses.

Our mission is to empower everyone with a voice, a commitment we've upheld for over 30 years.

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Research projects within this theme

Our researchers


Wim De Backer

Occupational therapist with a passion for technology that enables communication for people with disabilities


Inge Piedfort

Speech therapist fascinated by technology that supports communication, with the aim of creating an inclusive society


Kirsten Denis

A creative, sociable, and curious speech therapist, always ready to help and inform people who have difficulty with speech.


Tessa Delien

Researcher and occupational therapist dedicated to promoting the inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities. Everyone has the right to fully participate in our society.


Jo Daems

Occupational therapist inspired by individuals with disabilities, dedicated to creating an inclusive society through research.