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Inge Piedfort

Inge Piedfort

Care and well-being - Research group Mobilab & Care

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Inclusive communication

Assistive communication technology

Speech therapist fascinated by technology that supports communication, with the aim of creating an inclusive society

Inge Piedfort is a speech therapist at Modem, the Expert Network in Assistive Communication Technology.

This network mainly consists of organizations that provide care, support, and treatment to individuals with disabilities. As an expert network, Modem focuses on building knowledge and expertise and disseminating it through individual advice and training. The various partner organizations of Modem actively participate in multiple research projects of Mobilab & Care.

Inge graduated from KU Leuven in 2008 with a Master's degree in Logopedic and Audiological Sciences. Since then she has worked with children with special educational needs (and their environment) in special education and the support network. Since August 2021, she has been working part-time at Modem.