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Wearables, VR and monitoring


Mobilab & Care has years of expertise in developing, evaluating, and validating monitoring systems for applications in the healthcare and well-being sectors. These monitoring systems allow for continuous and long-term data collection that can indicate specific care needs. For example, we can monitor aspects such as self-sufficiency or stress levels or track how well a user is performing rehabilitation exercises. The sensors required for this purpose can be wearables (electronic devices that can be worn) or sensors integrated into the home or care environment (as we do in our Experience Lab).



The numbers tell the tale

Through our practice-oriented scientific research and our expertise and knowledge in wearables, VR, and monitoring, we aim to enable comfortable and long-term monitoring that delivers value to both users and caregivers.

Experience Lab1


Mobilab & Care has a Motion Lab and an Experience Lab designed for the development of monitoring systems and conducting measurements under ideal and controlled conditions.

The Experience Lab is a dedicated space configured as a simulated living environment (for a single elderly person), complemented by a simulated care room.

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How can we assist you?

We provide assistance in the selection and assessment of healthcare monitoring solutions.

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VR bril onderzoek

Our researchers


Bert Bonroy

Fascinated by how technology can support care today and tomorrow.


Romy Sels

Specialised in using technology to optimise the rehabilitation process.


Kris Cuppens

Draws energy from processing, analysing and presenting data. Always in the mood for a board game.


Glen Debard

Researcher committed to introducing technology in (mental) health care for young and old.