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Inclusion of people with disabilities

Assistive communication technology



Digital solutions to support inclusion in education


SKATE stands for Skills & Knowledge on Assistive Technology in Early childhood inclusive education. 



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In the Erasmus+ project SKATE we want to:

  • Foster new skills and knowledge of teachers and educators for the appropriate use of technology and digital solutions.
  • Increase the quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)  by promoting an early intervention with appropriate assistive technology for children with special needs or at risk of exclusion.
  • Create an increasingly inclusive learning environment.
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More and more young children with disabilities are enrolling in regular child care or preschool. Although many technologies already exist that can promote inclusion of people with disabilities, there is still little knowledge about how to use technology for inclusion of children ages 0 to 6. In addition to the lack of knowledge about assistive technology, counselors and teachers of young children indicate that they still do not feel competent in the area of technological applications. By developing learning programs, we want to break through this technological barrier.

Our role

Mobilab & Care is the project leader. Skate compiles information on innovative technologies that can be used for the inclusion of young children with disabilities (0 to 6 years). In addition, guidelines and curricula are developed to guide preschool teachers and childcare workers in the use of these technologies.



Jo Daems

Occupational therapist inspired by individuals with disabilities, dedicated to creating an inclusive society through research.


Tessa Delien

Researcher and occupational therapist dedicated to promoting the inclusion and participation of individuals with disabilities. Everyone has the right to fully participate in our society.


Bert Bonroy

Fascinated by how technology can support care today and tomorrow.