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Kirsten Denis

Kirsten Denis

Care and well-being - Research group Mobilab & Care

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Inclusive communication

Assistive communication technology

A creative, sociable, and curious speech therapist, always ready to help and inform people who have difficulty with speech.

Kirsten graduated as a speech therapist from the Lessius Hogeschool in Antwerp in 2010. After graduating, she worked in special education and as an independent speech therapist. Afterwards, she worked for 11 years in Het GielsBos, a care facility for people with multiple disabilities. Since 2017, Kirsten worked, from the GielsBos, as an expert within Modem's expert network. She gave consultations to people with a request for a supportive communication aid. In August 2021, she was given the opportunity to come work for Modem within Mobilab & Care and was able to pursue her passion for supported communication.

At Modem, she provides training to professionals on supported communication, organizes intervisions for the expert network together with the Modem team and looks for the latest developments in this field. She also works on projects, such as the CoMM project. In addition to her work at Modem, Kirsten also teaches SMOG training at Family & Disability. SMOG stands for Speaking With Sign Support, which is also a form of supported communication.

Modem is an expert network and consists primarily of organizations that provide care, support and treatment to persons with disabilities. As an expert network, Modem builds up knowledge and expertise and disseminates it through individual advice and training. Modem's various partner organizations are actively involved in several Mobilab & Care research projects.