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Wim De Backer

Wim De Backer

Care and well-being - Research group Mobilab & Care

Inclusion of people with disabilities

Inclusive communication

Assistive communication technology

Occupational therapist with a passion for technology that enables communication for people with disabilities

Wim is the coordinator of Modem, which is an expert network in Assistive Communication Technology.

This network mainly consists of organizations that provide care, support, and treatment for individuals with disabilities. As an expert network, Modem focuses on building knowledge and expertise and disseminating it through individual advice and training. The various partner organizations of Modem actively participate in multiple research projects conducted by Mobilab & Care.

During his occupational therapy studies (graduated in 1995), Wim was already passionate about technological solutions for individuals with disabilities. He pursued additional ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training and has been working for Modem for over 20 years. For the first 15 years, he primarily provided individual advice. After Modem's operations were temporarily halted in 2014, he restructured Modem into an expert network and, in 2015, was able to revive it under the auspices of Thomas More University College.