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Jon Brain

Care and Well-being - People and Well-being

Jon Brain has been working in the People and Well-Being research group since early 2024. Coming from a Sport Psychology background, he is currently participating in the Safe Football Allies project.

About Jon

Jon Brain is a Sport and Exercise Psychologist (in training) and Professional Doctorate candidate at the University of Portsmouth. He completed a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) at Coventry University in Sport Psychology and a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University. Jon's doctoral research focuses on developing an understanding of how sport psychology services can be translated and applied in the fast-growing performance domain of esports. 
Following his passion in research and building a safe culture in sport, Jon joined Thomas More’s People and Well-being Research Group, research line 'Safeguarding Sport & Society' in 2024.
When not conducting research, Jon works as an applied sport psychologist in both traditional sport and esports through his co-founded consultancy, Mastering the Mind. He has collected a variety of experience working professional football (e.g., KRC Genk, Coventry City Football Club), individual athletes (e.g., professional football, handball, sailing, gymnastics) and esports teams (e.g., Team Ireland Overwatch, Team Belgium Overwatch, Lionscreed).