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You feel at home at a construction site

Does brainstorming with a construction team and applying practical innovations sound like fun to you? Are you interested in leading a team of employees, construction workers and subcontractors at an engineering office? Then you've come to the right place!

Our Construction programme is the springboard for challenging jobs, from design to management.

We’re not just focusing on theory. From day one, we link knowledge and skills to practical assignments for you to work on with a team of your fellow students. In no time, you’ll find yourself working at a real construction site.

Practical information

  • Admission requirements

    You should have completed the 2 first years of your study programme at your home institution.

  • Where

    On campus

  • Tuition fee

    Exchange Students from partner universities where both schools have signed and Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) don't have to pay tuition fees.

  • Conditions

    You must be studying at one of our partner institutions. You must be nominated by your home coordinator and accepted by the exchange programme at Thomas More (see admission procedure for exchange students).

  • Language requirements

    English B2

  • Erasmus code

    B GEEL07

Are you passionate about people and interested in different disciplines and cultures? Do you aim high and have what it takes to make a difference? Are you ready to shape the future? Do you have an open mind? Do opportunities and challenges trigger you to do more?

Become a STAR @ Thomas More

STAR-track is a multi-disciplinary exchange semester in English. Team up with students with a different cultural and study background. A STAR semester consists of a total of 30ECTS which combines 15ECTS professional skills in your field of expertise with 15 ECTS future proof skills of your choice.

More information


​​​Autumn semester: September - January

  • Get nominated by your home institution before 1 May.
  • Apply by 15 May  (application procedure will be sent by email only to nominated students).
  • Receive your acceptance letter and further information in June.
  • Welcome at Thomas More in September.

The academic year in a nutshell 

Below you can find an overview of the courses (under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per course. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit.

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
  • The combination of courses can be restricted by planning issues and needs to be communicated beforehand.
  • Courses marked with a * are offered fully online. This means you don't have to physically come to Belgium to take these courses.
  • Would you like to know the detailed content of each subject? Check the programme guide.
Code ECTS Autumn Spring
Construction Z16249 15 x
Summer School: Lowering barriers for minority groups in retail i Z16184 3 x
Startup Bootcamp Social & Climate Impact Z25777 3 x
Project Case i Z15589 5 x
Intercultural communication Z14469 5 x
Coaching Z14436 5 x
Survival Dutch i Z13456 3 x
Code ECTS Autumn Spring
First Aid Z25930 3 x
Global Interprofessional Collaboration in Health Care Z26033 3 x
Startup Bootcamp International (Afrika) Disruptive Tour i Z15302 3 x x
Innovation lab i Z15304 6 x
Startup Bootcamp Business Z15365 3 x
Summer School Health & Chemistry Z26445 3 x
Tackling Global Challenges (COIL) Z16183 3 x
VirCamp: Social & Impact Entrepreneurship in an international perspective Z25807 10 x
Survival Dutch i Z13455 3 x
This course does not start in February.


Setting you up for success. Shine in a multidisciplinary team.

Did you know recruiters invite you based on your resume, but hire you based on your soft skills?
Experience High Impact learning in the STAR-Track. Develop your interdisciplinary and intercultural competences and grow into globally aware citizens and future-proof professionals.

Welcome to Geel, city of hospitality

Geel is known as the city of hospitality. Discover our innovation campus, enjoy the beautiful green surroundings or meet up with friends in the charming city centre.
Soak in the green open spaces on campus, meet other students in our international hub and lift off your international career.

Got questions?

International Coordinator

Sarah Moeremans

For all your questions on the courses and Learning Agreements. +32 14 74 38 41
International Office

Hannelore Vervoort

For all your questions on the application procedure & practical arrangements. +32 14 56 21 56
International Office

Inge Vervoort

Head of the International Office
Coordinator of the STAR-Track Programme +32 14 74 05 54