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Binder dividers

To organise your administration


These divider sets will help you keep all your important documents and bills together. Put everything in one cover and keep track of your personal records.


Binder dividers to organise your administration


8,50 euro

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Almost daily you receive mail in your letterbox: letters, advertisements, bills, ... You can throw away some documents immediately, but you need to keep some of it for a while. When you receive a lot of mail, this can become a challenge.

These dividers will help you keep track of all your important documents and bills. They come in two sets: one to organise all your important documents and one to keep all your bills in order. Our advice: get a separate ring binder for each set and get organised.

Quantity discount*

  • From 10 pieces: 10% discount
  • From 30 pieces: 20% discount
  • From 60 pieces: 30% discount

*Discount calculated on unit price excluding VAT


Need help organizing your papers? Here is a guide (in Dutch)
Personen houden map vast met tussenbladen om je administratie te ordenen en kijken naar het tussenblad aankopen