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The center of expertise for budget and financial well-being consists of a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in social sciences, psychology, social work, commercial engineering, computer science, marketing and communication.Our team complements each other, leading to creative solutions.

Discover them all below.

Research manager

Bérénice Storms

PhD in social sciences. Research manager Centre of Expertise Budget and Financial Well-being


Leen Van Thielen

Leen holds a degree in Sociology from VUB and is currently working as a researcher on projects focusing on reference budgets and poverty reduction.


Ilse Cornelis

PhD in Psychology. Researcher on the topics of Financial Wellbeing and Reference Budgets, REMI.


Nele Peeters

Joined the team in 2012. Fascinated by financial well-being and budget and debt counselling. A headstrong go-getter and an eloquent speaker. 


Marieke Frederickx

Marieke studied commercial engineering at the KU Leuven and after her graduation she worked at various municipalities and public centers.


Tess Penne

Tess has a PhD in Sociology. She studies reference budgets, minimum income protection and poverty reduction.

Full Stack Software Developer

Quinten Cockaert

Joined the team in 2020. Is ready for technical challenges and is a natural problem-solver.  


Heleen Delanghe

Heleen studied Sociology at the University of Antwerp. She focused on reference budgets, minimum income protection and social policy. 


Alexander Exelmans

Master and professional bachelor in Social Work. Active in the research lines 'Poverty' and 'Money & Behaviour'. Fascinated by decent incomes, financial well-being and strengthening social work practices.

Valorisation coordinator

Martine Dingemans

Martine graduated in Applied Communication and has been the Valorization Coordinator at CEBUD since 2021.

Research staff

Sin Mei Chiu

Sin Mei studied intercultural relations at Thomas More and joined CEBUD as a research assistant in 2022.

Full Stack Software Developer

Kobe Vrancken

Kobe obtained his degree in Computer Science from KU Leuven in 2016 with high distinction.

Full Stack Software Developer

Frank Herrijgers

CEBUD since 2023. No-nonsense entrepreneurial analytical mind, who likes to be challenged.

Research staff

Monique De Busser

All-round administrative employee


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