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Lowers the threshold for requesting financial assistance in Geel

With REMINI, the city of Geel wants its residents to be able to assess their eligibility for additional financial support from the Social House. The tool is the little brother of REMI, which is used by the social workers themselves.



At the request of the city of Geel, we developed REMINI, a mini-tool with maxi-effect. Employees of the Social House in Geel had long felt that not everyone found their way to their offerings. Residents still experience a barrier to knock on the door of the Social House for help. Sometimes out of shame, sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes because residents think they will not qualify.

In REMINI, residents enter their income, family situation, and housing costs. Based on that information, the tool provides an answer as to whether you may or may not qualify for additional support. Additionally, the tool provides the contact information of the staff member you can reach out to.

In order to direct as many inhabitants as possible to the tool, the city works together with services and (social) organizations that are active in the Geel area, such as schools, the food bank or trade unions. In this way, the city wants to lower the threshold to help and services and catch residents who would otherwise slip through the cracks.

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Mini tool with maxi effect

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