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Student Brochure

Higher Education: How Much Does It Cost?

Studying in higher education is not inexpensive. With this brochure, we provide insight into the cost of higher studies. It includes an overview of the minimum costs you will incur when participating in higher education. We explain the costs you should consider and the amounts you can expect.


Brochure on the Cost of Higher Studies

Higher education beckons! Which course will you choose? Which college or university will you attend? Will you opt for a residence or commute? The transition from secondary to higher education is not straightforward. You and your parents have to make many choices. Each choice comes with financial consequences. In this brochure, you will find the unit costs, recurring annual and monthly costs. For one-time costs, both the total purchase price and a price per year or month are provided. We calculate this by dividing the total purchase price by the lifespan (the number of months the product depreciates over). All costs are expressed in 2023 prices. We distinguish between three cost categories: strict study costs, broad study costs, and living costs.

Download the brochure here (in Dutch)

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