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Student finance

CEBUD developed the web application STUFI at the request of the student services of 12 universities and colleges. It enables the staff of student services to determine the needs of students in a uniform, equal and transparent way.



STUFI, like REDI, calculates a minimum budget that allows students full participation in society. The STUFI budget takes into account not only the income and expenses of the student's household but also allows to consider the specific costs associated with higher education at University or University College.

With STUFI, student social services have at their disposal a web application based on scientific research, which allows them insight into the financial situation of a student and his/her household. The application creates a comprehensive student profile that offers detailed information about the student's household composition and associated income and expenses, as well as the student's specific study-related income and expenses. STUFI can be used both for students who are still part of a household and live at home or in a student residence, as well as for independent students who live alone or with their own family.

Learn more about pricing and how to create a (test) account at