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Expertise in living lab research

LiCalab is a living lab for care and well-being. Our research is mainly focused in the area of healthcare technology (including eHealth, assistive technology, smart sensors, Medtech) and innovative organisation of care (prevention, integrated care, digitalisation of care, new models of cooperation...). What characterises our work:

  • Own panel of end-users
  • Co-creation and testing in real living and working conditions
  • Scientifically based methods for user research
  • International collaboration

Living lab research for care technology and organisation of care

A living lab is an open innovation ecosystem that involves different target groups in a (local) experimentation environment. Living lab research is applied user research that focuses on user experience and user acceptance. We involve end-users as 'co-developers' from idea to market introduction. To this end, we use methods of participatory design in which the end user is always central.

Own panel of end-users

LiCalab can rely on its own user panel of about 900 citizens and 300 healthcare professionals. Our 'living lab users' are the engine of our operation. We actively involve them in all research activities such as surveys, co-creations and real life tests. They provide critical feedback on the use of new care solutions and ideas for improvement. In this way, they add value and we innovate together. We work closely with patient associations, (healthcare) organisations and governments.

Testing in the living and working environment

Testing innovations in real-life conditions is essential for the acceptance and implementation of healthcare innovations. Through end-user feedback, we gain insight into the effectiveness of concepts, products or processes. LiCalab involves various target groups in user testing: healthcare professionals, healthy citizens, patients, informal carers, experience experts and others. 

International collaboration

Thanks to strong international partnerships and projects, we constantly enrich our knowledge, expertise and insights. For companies and organisations working with us, this international collaboration also unlocks new markets and opportunities. LiCalab has a leading role in the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and is a member of the EIT Health User Validation Labs. We also coordinate the EIP-AHA reference site 'Health&Care Network Kempen'.


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