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How LiCalab works

LiCalab is strongly locally embedded but at the same time we work closely with numerous international partners. As a result, we easily bring partners together in (pilot) projects that respond to the needs and requirements of citizens and healthcare actors. 

You can consult us for:

  • Exploration and co-creation
  • Surveys and measurements
  • Testing in a simulated environment - Human Factor Study
  • Testing in real living and working conditions
  • International living lab research
  • Trainings and workshops

We are ready for companies and (healthcare) organizations with a strong innovation idea for healthcare

Exploration and co-creation

LiCalab engages end users (citizens, patients, healthcare professionals) to develop innovations at all stages of the process. During co-creation or demo sessions, they think about the new product or service. How do they fit into their daily life and work? How will the development be even better? We use creative tools and techniques such as brainstorming, personae, journals and prototyping. Users with real needs generate ideas and flesh them out. This is how they add value and how we develop and innovate together.

How can we work together? Get in touch!