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The objective of Carewear is to harness data from wearable technology (wearables) to gain more insight into physiological responses linked to mental well-being, e.g. in the context of stress detection.


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Carewear started as a VLAIO TETRA track in which a platform and guidelines were developed to use insights from wearables to improve the current functioning of organisations and companies active in well-being at work and mental health. It is a collaboration between engineers (Mobilab & Care) and psychologists (Psychology and Technology). In this framework, stress detection algorithms were built, we developed a prototype platform, and the necessary guidelines and manuals for use and interpretation of the data. Findings were summarised and published in a scientific journal and at scientific conferences.

After the project ended, the insights gained also contributed to new collaborations, for example with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, UZA and Sint Oda, and ongoing projects such as the Immersive Mental Health project combining wearables with virtual reality in the context of relaxation.

Immersive Mental Health

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Bert Bonroy

Fascinated by how technology can support care today and tomorrow.


Glen Debard

Researcher committed to introducing technology in (mental) health care for young and old.


Nele De Witte

Nele De Witte (PhD) is a researcher in the People and Well-being research group, research line Psychology and technology. Her areas of expertise include wearables and XR. She is also the scientific coordinator of LiCalab.