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Biobased materials

Sustainable application of alternative biomass

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Within our center of expertise, we have much expertise in the field of biomass processing. Our research focuses on: 

  1. The potential of biomass for different applications
  2. The development of processing techniques with emphasis on sustainable processes
  3. The production and application of bio-based raw materials

Sustainable process technology

In the field of sustainable process technology, we have expertise in:

  • Pilot-scale separation technology (fractional (vacuum) distillation, filtration, extraction, etc.)
  • Advanced distillation technology, e.g. separation of azeotropic mixtures, continuous distillation
  • Membrane filtration (micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration)
  • Scale-up and refinement

Our industrial laboratory is equipped with a series of 1, 3, 6, 20 and 50-liter reactors. These are suitable for scaling up organic synthesis and polymerization reactions. For pilot-scale purification, we have filtration, extraction and distillation equipment. These include a counterflow extractor, a Nutsche filter and a rectification column with a 50-liter boiler suitable for vacuum distillations. Distillation solutions can be custom developed in our smaller (vacuum) distillation column (up to 90 theoretical plates, 5 and 10 liter boiler) before further scaling up.

Introducing our research on biomaterials

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