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Downstream Processing

Sustainable processing of algae and insects

The Center of Expertise Sustainable Biomass and Chemistry also focuses, in addition to optimising the production of insect and algae, on the processing of this alternative biomass as a sustainable source for various applications.

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Within our center of expertise, we possess much expertise in the field of biomass processing. Our research focuses on: 

  1. The potential of biomass for different applications
  2. The development of processing techniques with emphasis on sustainable processes
  3. The production and application of bio-based raw materials 

To investigate the composition of substrates, media, residues and the potential of insect and algal biomass for various applications, we have developed a wide range of analytical techniques.


Bio-based raw materials

Regarding bio-based (raw) resources, harvesting and processing biomass from insects and microalgae is our main expertise, both at lab and pilot scale. 

  • Termination methods (blanching, freezing, etc.) for insects
  • Grinding and sieving
  • Drying methods (freeze drying, oven drying, etc.)
  • Extraction of fats, chitin, proteins, pigments, etc. from insects and microalgae
  • Further processing of these products into bio-based chemicals through chemical processes, for example, the conversion of chitin to chitosan or the use of black soldier fly fats for the synthesis of amino-acyl surfactants.

Furthermore, we also have expertise in the synthesis of bio-based and isocyanate-free polyurethanes at lab and pilot scale.

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Some projects with Downstream Processing

Introducing our research within downstream processing