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Algae cultivation

Towards a sustainable and economically feasible cultivation of microalgae

The Center of Expertise Sustainable Biomass and Chemistry also focuses on optimising the cultivation of microalgae and investigates the potential of microalgae as an alternative, sustainable source of biomass for various applications.

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Bridge from lab to industry

We investigate the cultivation of microalgae at both lab and pilot scale. For this purpose, we have four pilot-scale cultivation reactors, with a total volume of 4000 L. These reactors are equipped with specialised sensors to enable hands-on research. The reactors are installed in a greenhouse where climate control is automated.

Towards sustainable cultivation

Within our center of expertise, we place a significant emphasis on enhancing the sustainability of microalgae cultivation. Our approach includes researching methods such as cultivating microalgae using waste streams and medium reuse. We are actively engaged in collaborations with companies to drive the commercialization of microalgae, and we work closely with government entities to navigate legislative challenges. This strategic approach enables us to fully unlock the potential of microalgae.

Some projects on microalgae

Introducing our research on microalgae