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Creative Belgium School



Become a conceptual creative thinker and maker for brands

  • Creativity drives progress, and it can be trained. That's were Creative Belgium School comes in: we are going to mine your creative talent and teach you how to use your creativity as a shortcut to success.
  • Choosing Creative Belgium School will open a gateway to exciting jobs in the creative industry.
  • Are you someone with an open mind who’s willing to think out-of-the-box, strategically, and in an unbiased way? Then you are in the right place.
  • The Creative Belgium School Programme is there to train creative minds to create meaningful ideas for brands, businesses, and society.
  • You will be trained and coached by top creatives of the advertising industry. Using the latest techniques and tools, they will inspire you in creative strategy, conceptual and creative thinking, methodical thinking, idea execution, case studying, writing, and art direction.
  • You will be prepped to become part of the next generation of creatives that develops and realizes relevant, innovative, and memorable solutions for brands, companies, and society.

After graduation

Choose your programme type

Creative Belgium School

  • You get: (1) a 26-week programme of inspiration sessions, workshops, creative practice, and personal coaching. (2) A 10-week internship with personal coaching from the creative director and senior creatives from the creative industry. (3) A creative portfolio that will be exhibited during the Creative Belgium Exhibition and Portfolio Night, attended by creatives and creative industry partners.
  • Take your creative mind to the next level by learning the art of refining your ideas to create witty and effective concepts.
  • You will learn how to come up with creative and innovative solutions based on real briefings.

  • You will learn how to translate creative concepts into campaigns and how to write and visualize meaningful brand stories.

  • We focus on practical training and your professional portfolio is your graduation project. No exams, no study work. We prioritize getting inspired by top talent and putting your knowledge into practice. Put your portfolio immediately to the test at the Creative Belgium Exhibition at the end of the programme.
  • This is a one-year full-time programme.

Practical information

  • Duration

    1 year

  • Credits


  • Where

    On campus


We kick off the year with a bootcamp of 3 days. For many students, the Creative Belgium School will feel like diving in the deep end of the creative pool. We will prepare you with everything you need to make it a great year. There are different modules on which the program is structured: 

  • Conceptual Creative Deepdive & Atelier:  Over 12 weeks, you will work on several briefings. You will be trained in conceptual creative thinking. Every week, you will get inspired by creative sessions with one goal in mind: to produce creative conceptual thinkers. 
  • Creative Drills: During seven weeks, we will visit each week a different Belgian creative agency (supporting partners) who will share with us a real briefing from a real client. During this week, the agency Creative Director will review your work. These weeks will give you an idea of what it is like to work in the creative industry, and more specifically in an agency.
  • The Art of Making & Portfolio: In this module, you will be given all kinds of tools to go from concepts to the making of ideas. (Writing, Art Direction, AI, Photoshop, Case studying...). Headlines, web banners, outdoor boards, tag lines, captions and X-posts all require precision and a certain turn of phrase. You’ll learn to be a writer of few words that carry a big message. (Dutch/French/English).
  • Internship | You get a 10 weeks real-world experience with Belgium's best creative agencies. 
  • Portfolio Night | A jury of professional creatives will judge your portfolio. This is the moment your work will shine during the Creative Belgium Exhibition and where we will introduce you to industry professionals, helping you to grow your network. 
Semester 1 2
Conceptual creative deepdive & Practical atelier 20
Creative drills 12
Semester 1 2
The art of making & Portfolio 12
Internship 16

Secure your place now! Creative Belgium School selects only twenty-four creative talents per year. To be part of this creative cohort, you must apply and be selected by a creative jury. More information on how to apply can be found in the admission requirements section in the practical information box on this webpage.

This course does not start in February.


The creative industry supports you

Creative Belgium's network is our network. Get trained by top creatives who has every interest that young creatives are prepared and move on to the creative industry. Find out what Creative Belgium offers to creatives.

All creative thinking minds are welcome

Do you dream of a creative job, but your completed degree is a stumbling block to finding entry? With Creative Belgium School, you get a year to train your creative mind so that conceptual creation and idea generation becomes automatic.

Developing a creative portfolio

No oral or written exam, no coursework. You learn by doing. Developing your personal portfolio is your goal in this programme. A jury will evaluate your portfolio and assess whether you have successfully graduated from Creative Belgium School.

In practice

During your 10-week internship, you get real-world experience with Belgium's best agencies. It's a great way to perfect your creative skills and claim your spot in the creative industry. During this period, the creative director and senior creative teams in the agency will be standing by to review your creative work and to support you to the fullest.  


Personal coaching

You will receive personal coaching from our creative coaches. They will guide you in creative thinking and in the development of your creative portfolio, your entry ticket to the commercial creative industry.

Got questions?

Programme coordinator

Greet Wachters

For all your questions about programme content and the selection proccess. +32 477 50 54 69
Programme manager

Ann Van Damme

For all your questions about the programme. +32 492 15 57 51

Studying in Mechelen

Mechelen is hip and happening. A student-sized city. With a cappuccino on the go from the station to campus. After your exam, lunch in the sun and a quick visit to the shop. Back into the learning centre to study, quickly drop off books at kot and you can leave to party! In Mechelen, everything is close by. #2800love, indeed!

Campus De Vest aan de Dijle

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