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International Teacher



Blackboards Beyond Borders

  • Ready to push your personal and professional boundaries as a teacher?
  • Already a qualified teacher with a high level of English?
  • Learn what it takes to apply your skills in an international context.
  • Develop your sensitivity for the impact of cultural differences.
  • Gain key insights in intercultural competencies, didactics and pedagogy in international education, while developing your English skills.
  • Reinforce your multicultural outlook while exchanging ideas and experiences as part of an international student group.
  • Expand your international network and credentials thanks to our partnerships with global accreditation bodies and tertiary institutions.
internationale studenten houden een wereldbol vast

The job of your life

Choose your programme type

International Teacher

  • Prepare for on-the-job learning and internships in international settings.
  • Transform your dream of teaching abroad into a reality with this postgraduate programme, unique in Belgium  with educational partners all over the world.

Practical information

  • Duration

    1 year (flexible programme)

  • Credits

    60 credits

  • Where

    On campus


Semester 1 | Semester 1 aims at:

  • the sharpening of your intercultural eyes and ears;
  • an intensive English as an additional languagework out;
  • an introduction to international school life;
  • hands-on teaching portfolio work.

Semester 2 | Semester 2 focuses on:

  • an intensive English C1-level work out;
  • the application of intercultural competences and innovative educational approaches in international internship environments;
  • teamteaching and personal development in international settings.

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
  • Would you like to know the detailed content of each subject? Check the programme guide.
Semester 1 2
Short International/European/or Private School Internship 7
Longer International/European/or Private School Internship 30
Theoretical framework
Semester 1 2
Intercultural Competences in Education 3 3
Personal Development in International Contexts 6
Team Teaching Development in International Contexts 6
English as an Additional Language Didactics and Guidelines to C1 5 5
  • Interesting international educational contacts/references
  • Traineeprogrammes and coaching in (inter)national, private, local and European schools
  • Workshops, guest lectures, microteachings on different international educational systems/programmes 
  • 21st century international classroom skills in team teaching activities
This course does not start in February.


studenten international teacher maken samen een taak

Dreaming of teaching internationally?

In addition to an internship based theoretical framework in which we will focus on Intercultural Competences, Didactics & Pedagogy in International Education and English language skills, we also offer first and second semester teaching experience placements in international, private or European schools in and outside Belgium. Through our intensive and individualised intern follow-up programme we help you in building up and realising your international teaching ambitions.

In need of international networking?

Since our course programme is taught in English, is open to ALL qualified teachers and we work together with global organisations such as The British Council, AFS … there will be plenty of opportunities to meet other international students, colleagues and educational partners.

Be part of and participate in an international and interdisciplinary educational team

The diverse views on learning of your fellow and co-teachers, pschygologists, speech therapists or other educationalists will certainly inspire and aspire! 1 +1 + 1 +1 = ∞

In practice

We offer first and second semester teaching experience placements in (inter)national, private or European schools in and outside Belgium. Longer internships in summer schools are possible in order to easily combine study and work. 

Studenten bij een wereldbol

Go international

We can help you in your search for suitable internship schools abroad.

Studenten klaar voor vertrek in Centraal Station

Personal coaching

Through our intensive and individualised intern follow-up programme we help you in building up and realising your international teaching ambitions. The programme enables students to combine work, study and take individualised internships in international settings.

Got questions?

Inclusion Coordinator

Roel Van den Eede

For all your questions on tracks, study support and facilities. +32 15 68 89 08

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

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