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Budget agenda

Because your money counts!


With the budget agenda, you gain more control over your money. In addition to recording your appointments, you can track your income, fixed expenses, and daily expenditures in this agenda.


Budget diary to manage your appointments and budget


9,95 euro

Ordering a budget diary

Do you know where your money goes? Chances are you know how much you spend on housing and energy, but do you know about your groceries, clothing or leisure? Yet those invisible and often even small expenses have a big effect on your budget. With this diary you get a better grip on those expenses. You have space to note not only your appointments, but also all your expenses. Even that drink from the vending machine and that sweater that looks so good on you.

Every month, you bring everything together in a convenient summary, gradually learning about and managing your own financial behavior step by step. Furthermore, the planner is filled with tips for handling money better or saving, and it helps you embark on the journey of changing your behavior. Because the budget planner is ‘undated’, you can start at any time of the year. No more excuses, you can start now.

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From 60 pieces: 30% discount

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