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Roadmap: standing together against child poverty  

How to fight child poverty as a local government?


With this roadmap, we inspire and support local governments in planning, implementing and evaluating their own child poverty policy. The roadmap can be used as a guide, not as a ready-made recipe book. After all, the concrete elaboration and implementation of a child poverty alleviation policy differs from municipality to municipality.


Guide for local governments to combat child poverty

The roadmap 'Standing together against child poverty' is the result of research into local poverty reduction and the search for how to promote the social participation of vulnerable families with children. This project to combat child poverty was subsidised by the Province of Antwerp and supported in some pilot municipalities in the Kempen by CEBUD and Welzijnszorg Kempen.

The roadmap describes the different phases in the process towards an effective child poverty reduction policy. In doing so, we draw on the processes in the pilot projects, as they were experienced by the external supervisors of CEBUD and by those involved from the pilot municipalities themselves.

"We have to start at the bottom, from the bottom up. You have to get a sense of: what is poverty? What does a life in poverty really look like? How can we as a municipality combat porverty? And if we do a good job from the municipality, they will feel it at the top."

Chairman Public Centre of Social Policy of a pilot municipality

Download the roadmap here (in Dutch)

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