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Social balance

Tool for comprehensive and stress-sensitive social work

The Social Balance is a tool that enables social workers to map and monitor the life situation of individuals and families.






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From and for the field

At the request of and in cooperation with Neteland (intermunicipal cooperation between seven PCSWs), CEBUD developed the Social Balance. The Social Balance is a tool for mapping and monitoring living conditions. In order to draw up an Individualised Social Integration Project (ISIP) and formulate tailor-made objectives, it is advisable to start with a high-quality analysis of the client's living situation and their expectations, strengths and needs. The Social Balance tool is well suited for this purpose and offers the possibility of clearly visualising progress made in different areas of life. Together, the social worker and the client rate each life domain on a one-to-five scale and from this they identify achievable objectives and mutual responsibilities.

Tailored support

The Social Balance is a useful tool not only in the context of the ISIP, but also in the wider context of social work practice. It shows at a glance where there are challenges and areas for improvement. In addition, the tool allows for tailored support and is user-friendly.

The Social Balance tool also offers opportunities for local governments, as higher-level analysis allows them to map problems in their municipality. This can encourage proactive and preventive policy making. Furthermore, the tool makes the results of local efforts visible in terms of the provision of assistance and care.

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