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A professional team of researchers with diverse expertise is at your service!

Our team consists of experts from various disciplines. This collaborative approach allows us to examine each problem from multiple perspectives and develop practical solutions.


Ann Wuyts

She now maintains the insect colonies in the Insect Pilot Plant and assists in research regarding insect optimisation and the use of by-products as insects feed.


Audrey De Cuyper

She conducts research with microalgae and is responsible for algae stock and lab-scale research.


Carmen ter Heide

she focuses on processing insect and algae biomass into bio-based raw materials and end products


Erwin Swinnen

Erwin holds a PhD in Biochemistry. In academia and industry, he has gained extensive expertise in microbiology and biotechnology, and is now researching sustainable applications for microalgae cultivation.


Floris Schoeters

PhD in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. Expertise in microbiology. Currently conducting research on microalgae.


Geert Verheyen

Geert investigates the sustainable processing of insects and microalgae into biomass and derived biomaterials. Application and evaluation of the biomass/biomaterials in food, feed and technical applications lays also within his expertise.

Administratief medewerker

Iris Woestenborghs

She is responsible for preparing the financial reports of all ongoing research projects and provides support to the research team.


Isabelle Noyens

She focuses on projects for the application of insects and algae as biomass and raw materials. She also co-develops analyses for the characterisation of this biomass and associated substrates and by-products.


Jan Creylman

Expertise in CO2 capture and storage, data analysis and modeling


Laurens Broeckx

A PhD student in Biology with expertise in the field of insect breeding, biology, biochemistry, food industry and genetic engineering.


Meggie Van Peer

She’s specialized in the breeding of various insect species. Her research focuses mainly on cultivation optimization, but she is also involved in consultancy and communication.

Research manager

Sabine Van Miert

research manager at the Centre of expertise Sustainable Biomass and Chemistry.


Sarah Goossens

Researcher in the Downstream Processing team. She participates in projects on the processing of insects & algae and biomass analysis. 


Siebe Berrens

Siebe has developed his expertise in insect breeding within the research group and focusses on the optimisation of the insect breeding process. He also guides companies through the first steps of insect breeding.


Thomas Quanten

He is a full-time researcher in the Downstream Processing team and is currently involved in the ValoReSect project (valorisation of insect frass) and the Vigorous project (biostimulants for agriculture from algae).

Business Developer

Toon Peeters

Expert in entrepreneurship support, grant project writing and implementation, and general Business Development.