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Major of the English Bachelor's Degree International Business Management

Global Supply Chain Management



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Get ready to change the world

  • Dive deep into the fast-paced world of global goods & logistics flows.
  • Acquire new insights into the world of global business, economics & trade.
  • Explore cultural differences and their impact on foreign trade & logistics.
  • Improve your commercial, digital, analytical and communication skills.
  • Focus on various transport modes: air, sea, train and road.
  • Hone your skills in supply chain design, green logistics, and urban & waste logistics.
  • Attend on-site courses as part of the Courses @Work programme and learn the ins and outs of ports, airports and warehouses.
  • Track logistical trends in healthcare, vaccinology, chemicals and e-commerce in a post-pandemic world.
  • Understand the relationship between innovation, technology, automation and supply chain management.
  • Improve your Dutch and English language skills and learn a third language (e.g. French, Spanish or Chinese).
  • Land your dream job: the sky’s the limit.

After graduation

Choose your programme type

Global Supply Chain Management

  • If you take this course as a full-time programme, you can graduate in three years.
  • You will take 180 credits, divided into three phases.
  • Your classes are organised during the week as daytime classes.
  • Expect guest speakers, company visits and exciting projects.
  • In your final phase, conduct a 12-week internship project in Belgium, Europe or further abroad.
  • Pursue a master’s degree after your bachelor's.

Practical information

  • Where

    On campus


  • Phase 1 | Start building your core knowledge base with fundamental insights into economics, supply chains, logistics and more. We will help you hone your commercial, digital, communication and consultancy skills. The supply chain courses and guest lectures are taught by industry experts.
  • Phase 2 | Expand your knowledge by applying it to real-world cases and live projects. Several of the supply chain & logistics courses in the Courses @ Work programme are held in the field. Put what you’ve learned to the test in real-life environments and innovative courses in e-business, marketplaces, urban & healthcare, logistics and sustainability. The exchange programme abroad can help you expand your international experience and enhance your intercultural skills.
  • Phase 3 | You will spend about 30% of your time in the supply chain field, gaining new insights at warehouses, hospitals, recycling companies , ports and airports. You will work on improvement projects right where the action happens, master digital and data management tools and apply them to optimisation proposals. You will also explore the world of international business during an exchange programme (usually in Dubai) followed by a 12-week internship project in Belgium, Europe or further afield.

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
Fase 1 2 3
International Trade
North American Business Topics 3
African Business Topics 3
International Project 3
Asian Business Topics 3
EU Business Topics 3
Latin-American Business Topics 3
Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Supply Chain Fundamentals 3
Supply Chain Management 3
Transport & Load Basics 3
Transport Geography 3
Procurement and Tendering 3
Enterprise Processes 3
Supply Chain Advanced 1 3
Airfreight + IATA Certifcate 3
Maritime Supply Chain 3
Customs 3
Supply Chain Security Management 3
Supply Chain Advanced 2 3
Supply Chain @ Warehouse 6
VR Logistics 6
Pharma & Healthcare Logistics 3
Supply Chain Verticals: Chemicals/ Urban and Waste 3
Business & Entrepreneurship
Business Fundamentals 3
Marketing Fundamentals 3
Entrepreneurial Management 1 3
Micro Economics 3
Project Management 3
Fase 1 2 3
Introduction to Financial Management 3
Trend Watching and New Technologies 3
Management skills 3
Business Information Skills
Digital Skills 3
AI Tools 3 3
Business Intelligence Fundamentals 3
Data Skills 3
Business Intelligence Advanced 3
E-Business Lab 3
Supply Chain ERP 3
BI Lab 3
Communication & Personal Development
Business Communication 3
Personal Development 3
Research Skills/ Business Communication Topics 3
Languages - Make a choice
Language 1 6 3
Language 2 * 6 3
Possible choices =
– Survival Dutch or French
– Chinese 1
– German 1 XL
– Spanish 1
– French 1
At Work
Bachelor's Project 6
International Project Internship 21

This programme offers a February start date and guarantees a 6-semester (3-year) study path.  Check the admission requirements for international degree students,  apply and you’re in! Of course, we’ll organise Welcome Days for you too!

Need some advice before deciding when to start?

We understand that you may need some more personal guidance when making a decision on your start date. We’ve got you covered! Check out our  Meet us page to connect with us through webinars, open days and more!

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the programme manager of your programme. Plus, our admissions team  and international support are always there  to help you with more general questions!


Courses @ Work

Learn the ins and outs of the field with on-site courses and projects at airports, ports, warehouses and hospitals. 'Innovation' is the name of the game.

Three countries in three years

Take your international business degree global with an exchange programme and an international internship abroad. Spend three years in two or more countries of your choice, from the United States and China to India and Dubai. Open your mind and your pathways to success!

Innovation Lab

In the supply chain and logistics sector, innovation, technology and automation go hand in hand. Courses in e-commerce, global markets , e-business labs and warehouse design are supported with advanced methodologies and virtual and augmented reality. Everything is covered!

In practice

Tie everything you’ve learned together during an exciting and challenging 12-week international, project-oriented internship at the end of your degree programme.

Identify relevant target companies in the country and sector of your choice using your own research or network and/or the university’s database.

As the pinnacle of your studies and training, your international internship is the perfect opportunity to apply your supply chain knowledge and learn how to adapt to new professional and cultural environments.

Most importantly: you’ll hit the ground running and launch your professional career!

Go international

Your degree in Global Supply Chain Management will expand your horizons and make the world that little bit smaller. How about an exchange programme in South Korea or Dubai in your second year, and an internship in the US in your third? The choice is yours!

And when it comes to expanding your international network, our partnerships with top-notch universities around the world are your steppingstones to new stomping grounds, in: Quimper and Paris (France), Seville (Spain), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Vilnius (Lithuania), Budapest (Hungary), Bloemfontein (South Africa), Daejeon (South Korea), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Chile, Mexico, Dubai , China and Taiwan.

Studenten klaar voor vertrek in Centraal Station

Personal coaching

Count on personalised advice, support, counselling and coaching every step of the way. Contact your programme manager if you have academic questions related to your field of study. Get in touch with your study advisor if you have questions about your individual study programme, exemptions and credits. Reach out to your care coordinator for support or a listening ear about anything and everything. You’ll find that your lecturers are very approachable and always willing to give advice or answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to e-mail them.

Got questions?

Programme coordinator

Steven Claus

For all your questions about the programme.
Study Counsellor

Pieter Siebens

Questions about your individual study programme.
Inclusion Coordinator

Ariane Buysschaert

For all your questions on studying with use of facilities

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

Excited? Apply now!


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