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English Bachelor's Degree

International Tourism and Leisure



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Make a living from your lifestyle

  • Unique, full English programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management to prepare you for your international future.
  • Turn your passion for travel into a genuine profession in the tourism sector.
  • Gear yourself up with the knowledge and skills you need to build life-changing experiences, even in today’s challenging context.
  • Learn how to apply disruptive business models and innovative marketing and distribution channels to create new commercial opportunities.
  • Discover solutions to reduce tourism’s social and environmental impact.
  • Gain a competitive advantage on the job market by building your professional network in tourism and hospitality during your studies.
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International Tourism and Leisure  

  • Are you taking this course in a full-time program? You can complete your studies in three years.
  • You will take 180 credits divided into three phases.
  • You take classes during the week in daytime classes.
  • Grow and nurture your multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary skills during an unforgettable international study exchange and an inspiring international internship.
  • Get the flexibility to start this 6-semester programme either in February or September.


Practical information

  • Duration

    3 years (6 semesters)

  • Credits

    180 ECTS

  • Admission requirements

  • Where

    On campus

  • Tuition fee


  • Phase 1 | Here, we establish the groundwork for our cutting-edge travel and tourism programme, ensuring you gain a comprehensive industry perspective through a curriculum that includes classes on tourism, languages, management, and communication.
  • Phase 2 | From phase 2 onwards, you will further develop your commercial flair and financial insight. As well, you'll get an immersive learning experience during the courses Immersive Tourist Experiences Lab (SEM 1) and Strategic Hospitality lab (SEM2). Connecting theoretical concepts and trends with practice and within a simulated environment.
  • Phase 3| During phase 3, you will get to know various players in the Corporate Travel Management sector and work on a real-life assignment during the course Corporate Travel lab.  Additionally, you'll be prepared to effectively tackle your bachelor project and embark on your 15-week international internship.

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
  • Would you like to know the detailed content of each subject? Check the programme guide.


Phase 1 2 3
Tourism Fundamentals i 3
Travel Accommodations i 3
Tourism Destinations i 3
Culture & Art Topics i 3
Tourism Exploration Project i 3
Hospitality Basics i 3
Business Travel Fundamentals i 3
Destination Management and Incoming Tourism i 3
Hotel Operations (online) 3
Design Thinking in Tourism i 3
Aviation Lab i 3
Travel Technology i 3
Trends in Tourism i 3
Hospitality Business and Experience i 3
International Tourism Project i 3
Tourism Research i 3
Crisis & Quality Management in Tourism 3
Sustainable Tourism Development i 3
E-Tourism i 3
Communication courses
English for International Tourism 3
Intercultural Communication in Tourism 3
Business Communication Topics 3
Business & Management
Business Fundamentals 3
Introduction to Financial Management 3
Phase 1 2 3
Digital Skills 3
Marketing Fundamentals in Tourism 3
Financial Management in Tourism 3
Sales 3
Business Intelligence Fundamentals 3
Business Analytics 3
Management skills 3
Leading Hospitality Transformation 3
Web Content & Design 3
Sales Management 3
Tourism Legislation and Regulations 3
Personal Development
Personal development 3
Corporate Social Responsibility 3
Personal Branding 3
Major language choices (French, Spanish, Chinese, German or Dutch)
Business, Intercultural or Tourism electives
IATA GDS Fares and Ticketing
Immersive Tourist Experiences i 6
Strategic Hospitality Lab i 6
Corporate Travel Lab 6
Bachelor Project i 7
International Internship (15 weeks) 23

This programme offers a February start date and guarantees a 6-semester (3-year) study path.  Of course, we’ll organise Welcome Days for you too!

Please note that your programme will be set up in a slightly different order. You will, for example, do an internship in your 5th semester instead of your 6th semester. Otherwise you will have the same opportunities as a September starter.


For an overview of the courses  and the organisation of the semesters, check our programme guide and choose the option 'Start February'.



Let’s connect

Immerse yourself into the global community when you choose for an international internship. With our extensive internship database, your possibilities are boundless. Steer towards an exciting career in the Tourism, Travel or Hospitality sector.

Learn from professionals

Dive into the world of hands-on learning through real projects, co-created with industry professionals. Elevate your experience with a spectrum of exciting extracurricular activities, including the EuroChrie University Challenge, Young Hospitality Summit and exclusive workshops with industry partners. Your education extends far beyond the textbooks, propelling you towards a future enriched with practical wisdom and industry connections.

Future proof study

The evolving nature of this exciting industry is driven by changing trends. Our international programme continuously evolves to ensure that you are fully prepared to become the Hospitality Innovator or Tourism Experience Architecof Tomorrow.

In practice  

Thanks to our Partners in Education network, we are privileged and able to invite top industry guest lecturers during several classes and seminars. You can learn from the experts first-hand, in the classroom, online or during field trips.

In the last semester of your studies, you will work full-time for 15 weeks during an instructive internship abroad. This is your chance to prove yourself and build further on your network.

In addition to your degree, you have the opportunity to earn an internationally recognized certificate in the aviation and/or travel industry by completing IATA courses. Thomas More stands as the sole recognized certification center in Belgium. 

Go international  

Going international is key. You will have classes with students from various countries. This will help you develop intercultural and multilingual skills to be fully prepared for a fantastic international career.You can opt for ACEEPT, a short-term international project organised by and for tourism students of our international partners. You will learn even more tricks of the trade going abroad on your international study exchange and by selecting an internship that is aligned with your professional aspirations. For your international study exchange, we offer you a wide variety of 80 partner schools, within and outside of Europe, so you can really pick the right match. In the last semester of your studies, you will work full-time for 15 weeks during your international internship. We provide a jam-packed internship database or you apply for your own internship. These international experiences will help you become a true globetrotter.


Studenten klaar voor vertrek in Centraal Station

Personal coaching

Yes, we care. During your time here, you can count on a whole support team to truly make you feel at home at Thomas More. Our study Counsellors, Student Services (STUVO), all of our lecturers and many more will personally guide you to ensure that you blend in from the beginning and prosper so that we help you to deploy and nurture your talents. You will never feel alone.

Got questions?

Programme coordinator

Liesbeth Uvin

For all your questions on the content and promotion of the programme. +32 15 68 83 13
Programme manager

Rudy Geens

Questions about the programme.
Study Counsellor & Care Coordinator

Ariane Buysschaert

Questions about your individual study programme & on studying with use of facilities.

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9am - 3pm +32 15 36 92 50

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