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English Bachelor's Degree

International Tourism and Leisure



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Turn your passion for travel into a genuine profession

  • Unique, full English programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management to prepare you for your international future.
  • Transform your love for travel into a thriving career in the dynamic world of international tourism and hospitality.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to create transformative solutions in this fast-evolving industry. 
  • Learn to apply disruptive business models, to design innovative, memorable travel experiences and unique tourism products, that have a sustainable impact on the tourism ecosystem.
  • Discover emerging trends in this fast evolving industry, and identify solutions that support inclusive and sustainable tourism development.
  • Elevate your international network by creating valuable professional connections while you study, giving yourself a head start in the competitive job market. 
Studenten Toerisme boeken vliegen voor docenten

Choose your programme type

International Tourism and Leisure in Short Programme

  • You already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Business / Communication / Office / Hospitality Management?
  • Obtain this diploma in 1 year or 1,5 years
  • When you start the programme in September, you will have the option to either complete your 9-week internship during the summer months (July-August), achieving graduation in precisely one year, or alternatively, you can schedule your internship in the following semester, resulting in graduation after 3 semesters.
  • It is also possible to start the short programme in February. Then it will always take 3 semesters to graduate, due to the fact that in this case the internship can only take place in your 3rd semester.
  • We offer a wide choice of internship positions, both in Belgium and across the globe.

Practical information

  • Duration

    2 or 3 semesters

  • Credits

    77 ECTS

  • Where

    On campus


  • SEM 1 | During this first semester in September, you delve into the world of travel and tourism, exploring both business and leisure travel, as well as domestic and international tourism experiences, encompassing both incoming and outgoing aspects. Engage in project work during the Immersive Tourist Experiences Lab, linking theoretical concepts, social considerations and tourism trends with practical applications. We often bridge the gap between theory and reality by bringing in industry experts or arranging visits to tourism organizations, providing you with a real-world understanding of the dynamic field of tourism.
  • SEM 2 | In your second semester, you'll progress towards becoming a seasoned tourism professional. The Strategic Hospitality Lab will equip you with the skills to make strategic revenue decisions within a simulated online environment. Additionally, you'll learn to formulate a transformation plan for a key industry player. 

    You will have the option to either complete your 9-week internship during the summer months (July-August), achieving graduation in precisely one year, or alternatively, you can schedule your internship in the following semester, resulting in graduation after three semesters. Explore a diverse array of internship opportunities, spanning both Belgium and global locations, to kickstart your international career. 

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
  • Would you like to know the detailed content of each subject? Check the programme guide

Semester 1 2
Tourism Destinations i 3
Tourism Fundamentals i 3
Aviation Lab i 3
Design Thinking in Tourism i 3
Immersive Tourist Experiences Lab i 6
International Tourism Project i 3
Crisis & Quality Management in Tourism i 3
Sustainable Tourism Development i 3
BI Tourism Lab i 3
Tourism Legislation and Regulations i 3
Business Travel Fundamentals i 3
Semester 1 2
Culture & Art Topics i 3
Trends in Tourism i 3
Travel Technology 3
Strategic Hospitality Lab i 6
Leading Transformation i 3
Hospitality Business & Experience i 3
Web Content & Design i 3
Internship i 14
Electives 3
  • 26 course weeks
  • 7 weeks of exam period
  • 9 weeks of internship 

Start our short programme in February as an alternative option. Keep in mind that the programme duration in this case always extends to three semesters due to the inclusion of an internship in the final semester.

When you start the programme in February, you will have two semesters of classes, in Spring and in Autumn. The following Spring semester you will do your internship.



Let’s connect

Immerse yourself into the global community when you choose for an international study exchange in phase 2 of the 3-year programme and embark on an international internship in phase 3 of the 3-year programme or in the short programme. With over 100 partner schools and an extensive internship database, your possibilities are boundless. Steer towards an exciting international career in the Tourism, Travel or Hospitality sector.

Learn from professionals

Dive into the world of hands-on learning through real projects, co-created with industry professionals. Elevate your experience with a spectrum of exciting extracurricular activities, including the EuroChrie University Challenge, Young Hospitality Summit and exclusive workshops with industry partners. Your education extends far beyond the textbooks, propelling you towards a future enriched with practical wisdom and industry connections.

Future proof study

The evolving nature of this exciting industry is driven by changing trends. By using  highly relevant teaching content curated by organisations like GBTA, UNWTO, and co-created with industry partners, we commit that you receive a comprehensive education responsive to evolving needs of this diverse sector, so you are fully prepared to become the 'Hospitality Innovator' or 'Tourism Experience Architect' of Tomorrow.

In practice

We offer a wide choice of internship positions, both in Belgium and across the globe, so you can jump-start your international career. Please note that International Tourism and Leisure students always take an international internship.

Go international

Going international is key. You will have classes with students from various countries, this will help you develop intercultural and multilingual skills to be fully prepared for a fantastic international carrier. You will learn even more tricks of trade going abroad on your international internship that is aligned with your professional aspirations. Our staff will help you in your exciting journey to select the internship of your dreams. This international experience will help you become a true globetrotter.

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Personal coaching

Yes, we care. During your time here, you can count on a whole support team to truly make you feel at home at Thomas More. Our study Counsellors, Student Services (STUVO), all of our lecturers and many more will personally guide you to ensure that you blend in from the beginning and prosper so that we help you to deploy and nurture your talents. You will never feel alone.

Got questions?

Programme coordinator

Liesbeth Uvin

For all your questions on the content and promotion of the programme. +32 15 68 83 13
Programme manager

Rudy Geens

Questions about the programme.
Study path coach/coordinator & inclusion coordinator

Ariane Buysschaert

Questions about your individual study programme & on studying with use of facilities.

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

The word: our students tell us

Studying in Mechelen

Mechelen is hip and happening. A student-sized city. With a cappuccino on the go from the station to campus. After your exam, lunch in the sun and a quick visit to the shop. Back into the learning centre to study, quickly drop off books at kot and you can leave to party! In Mechelen, everything is close by. #2800love, indeed!

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