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English Bachelor's Degree

International Media and Entertainment Business



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PASSION to PAYCHEQUE across every platform!

  • Take that passion to international markets!
  • Learn how to make a living out of what you love doing and turn your passion into a paycheque.
  • Discover the fundamentals of the creative industries.
  • Analyse the MEB landscape to discover the keys to success.
  • Find out what it takes to place yourself in the international market.
  • Deploy the right media and entertainment formats to mediatise your brand.
  • Acquire international business skills to monetise it.
  • And develop your platform management credentials to mobilise it.
  • Expand your perspectives and your network while studying abroad.
  • Learn the art and science of developing an international media sensation.
Studenten media en entertainment tijdens een les in de greenkey studio


Choose your programme type

International Media and Entertainment Business

  • Are you taking this course in a full-time program? You can complete your studies in three years.
  • You will take 180 credits divided into three phases.
  • You take classes during the week in daytime classes.
  • During a 16-week internship, you will expand and extend your talents.
  • Start this 6-semester programme, only, in September.

Practical information

  • Where

    On campus


  • Phase 1 | Dive into the International MEB landscape with hands-on experience to create visual and audio projects, explore the foundations of the international creative industry, from planning to law forming insights & innovations from a cultural perspective.
  • Phase 2 | Learn how MEB professionals have turned their passions into a paycheck across multiple platforms in our Passion Seminars & Passion Project, using modern business techniques to mine data to develop valuable insights and budget transmedia projects.
  • Phase 3 | Explore the creative industries via our Creative Industries Seminars and develop entrepreneurial skills in Start-Up Studio OR find an Erasmus Study Exchange programme specialising in a different creative industry. Top it off with a national or international INTERNSHIP!

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
  • Would you like to know the detailed content of each subject? Check the programme guide.
Phase 1 2 3
observation sprint
Prompt, Pen, Present i 5
Intercultural Insights i 5
Media & Entertainment Industry Landscape i 6
Dissection sprint
IMEB Storytelling i 6
Media Technology: Visual i 6
Innovation sprint
Creative Innovation i 6
International & European Media Law i 5
Creative Business Essentials i 6
Creation sprint
Media Technology: Video & Audio i 5
Transmedia Production i 5
Community building sprint
Data-Driven Product Optimization i 5
Marketing for IMEB i 5
Production sprint
IMEB Editorial i 5
Show Me the Money! i 5
Media Technology: Studio & Graphics i 5
Phase 1 2 3
Creative business innovation sprint
Technology IMEB Innovations i 4
IMEB Storyworld Building i 5
Make Me the Money! i 5
Entertainment sprint
International Leisure Development i 12
Enterpreneur sprint
Start-Up Studio i 21
Creative Industries Seminars i 3
Maverick Media: The Creator's Blueprint i 6
Erasmus Exchange Options i 30
School to work sprint
Internship XL i 30
Always on (electives)
Foreign Language 1 i 3
Foreign Language 2 i 3
IMEB Experience Lab i 6
Digital Creation i 3
Directing i 3
External Media Project i 3
Interactive International Media Experience i 6
This course does not start in February.


Interactive experience

Throughout the IMEB programme, you will engage with various shared interactive experiences, including screenings of new films, VR and immersive experiences. This gives us a foundation to build upon! Therefore, you should expect to spend about 200 euros per year on various experiences.

International Interactive Experiences

Explore the vast world of International Media and Entertainment Business via our hands-on exploration of the landscape in world MEB landscapes. These experiences allow you to see how different cultures interact with and explore the creative industries. There is an extra cost associated with these experiences.

International COIL partnerships

Throughout the IMEB programme, you will work with other university students all over the world. Many of our courses include a COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project. Partners are located in Europe, America and Asia!

In practice

During five semesters, you will have explored the MEB sector, created media in various forms, written business plans with complete budgets, and learned how to protect your original IP’ you will have completed all this under the concept of innovation depending on trends of the sector. In addition, you will have explored a variety of international MEB markets while developing your own passion projects. Now, in the final semester of the program, you will take all this experience and knowledge to companies inside or outside of Belgium.

You will work with our experts to find a company that best fits your talents. During this 16-week internship, you will expand and extend your talents. You will also put together to final GRADUATION PORTFOLIO which is presented at the end of your work experience.

Studenten media en entertainment tijdens een les in de greenkey studio

Go international

This programme includes a high level of internationalisation by infusing each integrated module with international competencies and content. The modules are aligned with a CHALLENGE WEEK every semester: Belgium & the Americas (phase 1), Europe and/or Australia & Asia and/or Africa (phase 2), Global focus based on individual preferences (phase 3).

There is an option to do an Erasmus study exchange in Semester 5 and/or participate in various International Interactive Experiences, like trips to NYC and/or Beijing/Shanghai.

Design your own international experience with our Short Mobility elective in semester 4. Continue your international experiences with an international internship or a national internship within an internationally-focused Belgian media or entertainment company.

Studenten klaar voor vertrek in Centraal Station

Personal coaching

Thomas More offers various support services (STUVO, International Support) to assist all of our students. All of our modules come with additional academic support in the form of Writing/Presentation specialists who can coach you through the nuances of the languages utilised in both written and oral communication. Every module is taught by a team of educational and professional experts who coach you through the process of becoming the best possible media professional! In keeping up with the latest advancements in media technology, the Media and Entertainment Business (International) programme will use a variety of educational methodologies, including face-to-face, blended learning, and online learning, allowing students to learn in a manner suitable to them.

Got questions?

John Arnold

For specific information about the IMEB and IMEB short programme. +32 487 05 54 46
Programme manager

Kristin Fauconnier

For all your questions about the programme.
Study path coach/coordinator

Jade Van Overmeir

Ask questions about how you can maximize the potential of your previous degree. +32 15 36 91 50

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

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