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Specialisation track of the English Bachelor's Degree Information Management and Multimedia

International Digital Experience Design



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Start building the world of tomorrow!

  • Helping to create a better future is what gets you up in the morning.
  • Get the skills you need to design and build the digital products of tomorrow.
  • Learn how to use technology as a tool for boosting efficiency, sustainability and quality of life.
  • Apply your creativity to develop interactive and intuitive interfaces.
  • Help steer the future course of our society with products that are both socially relevant and commercially viable.
  • Work in a creative, inspiring and supportive environment that challenges you to go beyond your best.
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The programme in short

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International Digital Experience Design

  • Are you taking this course in a full-time program? You can complete your studies in three years.
  • You will take 180 credits divided into three phases.
  • You take classes during the week in daytime classes.
  • Every semester you will design and build a real digital product. 


Practical information

  • Duration

    3 years

  • Credits


  • Where

    On campus


  • 3 years = 6 digital products = 18 challenging projects.
  • International Digital Experience Design is a brand new, innovative academic programme. Why is it so innovative? There are no courses in the traditional sense. Instead, you will learn all the necessary skills through a variety of projects and challenges. Every semester you will design and build a real digital product . But first, you will complete 3 projects that help you develop the skills and tools you will need to successfully design and create your product.


Phase 1 2 3
Digital product 1 i 12
: : research, semester project, communication
Design a User Interaction i 9
Develop a User Interaction i 9
Digital product 2 i 12
: : semester project, communication, entrepreneurship
Set up a Design System i 9
Develop a Smart Solution i 9
Digital product 3 i 9
UX & Motion Design i 9
Interactive Prototype Design i 6
App's lifecycle i 6
Phase 1 2 3
Digital product 4 i 9
Back-end API Development i 9
Interactive UI development i 6
Discover New Technology i 6
Build a Proof of Concept i 9
Discover the Market i 6
Machine Learning & AI i 3
Adobe Expert i 3
Design Trends i 3
Ethics i 3
Business Startup i 3
Internship i 15
Small Business Project i 15
This course does not start in February.


Future-proof skilled

Digital Product Architecture is a new field without national borders. We prepare you for your future in the booming technology sector with expert teaching, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and globally-recognised qualifications.

The world at your feet

You will work in an international practice enterprise run by fellow students or be in the company lead of your own international digital product startup, all guided by international experts. The digital world will welcome you with open arms!


Six students in their final year started their own company in the ‘real’ world. The result? JAM x TOAST: a digital studio that makes ravishing websites. Check out their website to see what they have done so far or follow these digital ‘chefs’ on social media!

In practice  

Every semester you will design and build a real digital product. But first, you will complete 3 projects that help you develop the skills and tools you need to successfully design and create your product. We will describe the requirements, but you create and design your personalized result.

During each cycle you will increase your level of autonomy on planning, groupwork, choice of subjects and even evaluation... By the end of the programme you will have gathered an e-portfolio, which will give you a head start on the job market.


Personal coaching

The spiral of innovative learning. This method is based on high impact learning and e-portfolio principles. In each cycle the level of autonomy is increased on planning, groupwork, choice of subjects, evaluation and educational method, which makes the spiral. Design an and build your portfolio: Through each project, you will work in cycles of 4 consecutive phases: Bootcamp, Challenge, Portfolio and Feedback. A bootcamp is an intensive period where students work around a central topic. The theoretical items of the topic are envisioned and practically embodied. You accept the challenge and go for it! Make it happen. A challenge incorporates all the building blocks handled in the bootcamp, and more. Build up a personal e-portfolio . This is a way to prove your competences, to be visible to the outside world for employment, professional skills and your social network. Learn to give and accept feedback . Make relevant conclusions and cope with your conclusions to learn for future events.

Got Questions?

Study Counsellor

Mieke Buelens

For all your questions about tutoring and facilities. +32 15 36 91 41

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

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