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Specialisation track of the English Bachelor's Degree International Communication and Media

Branding and Activation



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Creatively effective, effectively creative

  • Cap off the final year of your International Communication and Media degree with this specialisation track.
  • Are you amased by the power of brands? Curious to unravel the mechanisms that make them tick?
  • Develop your natural creative abilities and learn how to use them to inspire others.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams and become experienced in strategic planning, (digital) creation and production, copywriting, art direction, photography, and more.
  • Learn the art of steering the creative process by interpreting creative briefs, understanding and using creative strategies and maintaining deadlines.
  • Develop your strategic instincts and combine them with creativity to generate measurable results, no matter the client, sector, or market.
  • Become a seasoned media and advertising pro, ready to launch your career with top brands and content agencies around the globe.
  • Get practical experience in workshops on graphic design, video editing, web content etc.
Studenten communicatiemanagement thomas more met de logo's van sociale mediakanalen

Choose your programme type

Branding and Activation

  • If you take this course as a full-time programme, you can graduate in three years.
  • You will take up 180 credits, divided into three phases.
  • Your classes are organised during the week as daytime classes.
  • Take on real-life projects during an international internship.
  • Start this flexible 6-semester programme either in February or September.

Practical information

  • Admission requirements

    Our application process is straightforward.
    You will need to meet 3 simple requirements:

    1. Secondary education diploma
    2. English Language Certificate (B2)
    3. Passport/ID card or residence permit


    Some more good news! Thomas More has no numerus clausus procedure, nor do we have a limit on the number of admitted students.
    You can find more specific information about our admission requirements here.

  • Where

    On campus

  • Tuition fee


  • Phase 1 | Lay solid foundations for international exploration! Pick up the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to unleash your inner communications and media professional.
  • Phase 2 | Kick-start your international adventure with the spring semester at one of our partner universities of applied sciences abroad.
  • Phase 3 | Jump-start your career with your international internship while majoring in either Public Relations or Branding & Activation. Learn how to build brands with the power to inspire consumers around the world or choose for Public & Corporate affairs.

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
Phase 1 2 3
Brand Communication 3
Corporate Communication 3
Globalisation & International Marketing i 3
Media Strategy i 3
Digital Marketing 3
Ethics in New Media and Technology 3
Expert Classes: Branding & Activation i 3
Psychology i 3
Innovation and Inclusive Communication 3
World Economics 3
Intercultural Communication 3
Research Methods 4
Essentials for Business Performance i 3
Digital Media Management i 3
Visual Design i 3
Digital Lab i 5
Audio & Video Production 1 3
Mobile & Social Media Storytelling i 3
Graphic Design Print & Web i 3
Audio & Videoproduction 2 i 3
Expert Skills Branding & Activation i 3
Test Bench New Technology i 3
International Professional Skills 3
Phase 1 2 3
Copywriting i 3
Writing & Presentation Skills i 3
Introduction to ICM i 6
Inspiration Lab i 7
Communication Challenge i 5
International Pitch Branding & Activation i 6
International Internship Branding & Activation i 30
Study Exchange OR Minor Media Experience
Study Exchange 30
Minor Media Experience 30
– Media Experience
      Urban Experience Week 3
      Media Production Practices 3
– Business & Society
      Retail Communication 3
      Regional and City Marketing 3
– Concept & Creation
      Conceptual Thinking 3
      Media Frameworks 3
– Labs
      Adanced Experience Lab or AfterFive agency 6
      Web Design 3
– Electives 3


Check out an example timetable for phase 1.


This programme offers a February start date and guarantees a 6-semester (3-year) study path.  Check the  admission requirements for international degree students,  apply and you’re in! Of course, we’ll organise Welcome Days for you too!

Need some advice before deciding when to start?

We understand that you may need some more personal guidance when making a decision on your start date. We’ve got you covered! Check out our  Meet us page to connect with us through webinars, open days and more!

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the programme manager of your programme. Plus, our admissions team  and international support are always there  to help you with more general questions!


studenten maken een groepswerk

Expert Classes and expert skills

Ready for real communication & business challenges? Get insights from the best experts in the trade and work on real assignments for international companies in our ‘Expert Classes’.Develop your creative and practical skills in graphic design, video editing, web content, and more.

After Five Thomas More

Internship XL

Practice makes perfect. That’s why we have upgraded our internship to 15 full-blown weeks. Your chances of getting that exciting, international career get a well-deserved boost.

studenten in overleg

What are the job opportunities?

At the end of the programme, you’re on track for an international career in communication and media. Our graduates work in communication agencies, multinational companies, international institutions, worldwide non-profit organizations, international diplomacy, and industries related to culture, media, fashion, sports, and more.

In practice

Take your studies to the next level with an internship abroad or at an international organisation, institution or agency. There is a broach choice of internship opportunities both in Belgium and around the world.

For ‘Branding & Activation’ majors, internships will run from February to June, with the option of an additional Summer Internship after your first or second year.

Studenten communicatiemanagement thomas more met de logo's van sociale mediakanalen

Go international

First phase: Participate in international conferences, fairs and communication projects.

Second phase: Spend a semester at one of our European partner universities of applied sciences via our exchange programme.

Third phase: Complete an internship abroad with opportunities in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Oceania. You can also join an international company or agency in Belgium.

Watch a day in the life of an ICM student!
Studenten klaar voor vertrek in Centraal Station

Personal coaching

Count on expert coaching from your lecturers who are themselves experienced experts in their field. But that’s not all. They are aware of the challenges you face and therefore provide you with tools to sharpen your focus. They train you to rise to the occasion and perform under pressure. And, they challenge you to reflect on your professional goals so you, and only you, choose where and how you want to create an impact.

Lieven, your dedicated student coach, is ready to tackle all your questions. He offers study advice, assists you while you outline your personal study programme and makes time to discuss any personal issues you may have. Already got a bachelor or master? You can also ask him about obtaining exemptions. Or simply give you more information about your track. Contact Lieven Van Hoe today!

Got questions?

Programme coordinator

Inge Jamaels

For all your questions about the programme. +32 497 22 95 59
Study Counsellor

Ynte De Maeyer

For all your questions about tutoring and facilities.

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9am - 3pm +32 15 36 92 50

Excited? Apply now!


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New and unique in Flanders!


International advantage

International Communication and Media gives you the advantage of studying in an international environment. This programme is three years long and full of international and intercultural experiences. In the first year, you will work in international teams; in the second year, you will participate in the Erasmus exchange programme; in your third year, you will complete a rewarding internship abroad or in an international company or institution in Belgium. All three phases prepare you for a successful international career.


Make friends from around the world

You will be studying with people from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to build an international network. For the rest of your life, you will be visiting friends in every corner of the globe.


Also available in Dutch 

Are you interested in Communication and Media but unsure if you can complete the course in English? No worries, we also have a Dutch taught programme. You can make the switch from English to Dutch any time.