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Specialisation track of the English Bachelor's Degree International Communication and Media

Public and Corporate Affairs



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Lead public opinion from the frontline

  • Cap off the final year of your ICM degree with this specialisation track.
  • Are you excited by the power of media? Want to learn how to influence global opinion, build trust, and inspire millions?
  • Develop your talent for storytelling and use it as a powerful and influential tool during group work, project-based labs and international business cases.
  • Develop your instincts and learn how to combine strategy and content to create a lasting impact.
  • Become fully prepared for an inspiring international career in sports, music or fashion PR, public affairs, crisis communication, lobbying, and more.
Public relations vergadering


Choose your programme type

Public and Corporate Affairs in Short Programme

  • Do you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of marketing, communication or journalism?
  • Enroll for our new one-year programme in International Communication and Media and graduate as a full-blown international communication expert.
  • You can specialize in one of the two tracks:Branding & Activation and Public & Corporate Affairs.
  • We offer a wide variety of internship positions, both in Belgium and across the globe, so you can jump-start your international career.

Practical information

  • Where

    On campus


During this one-year programme you develop, implement and evaluate creative and effective communication strategies. You will do so in heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and international teams.

The first semester consists of 13 course weeks, including a pitch for an international client. You will attend lectures, labs, training sessions and workshops. All of these are taught by professionals, each of them are authorities in their field.

In the second semester you will complete an (international) internship in an international organization or agency abroad or in Belgium.

Below you can find an overview of the courses ( under reservation of changes), with the number of credits per phase. Credits express how many hours you need on average to process the subject matter (incl. lessons). Count about 25 to 30 hours for 1 study credit. 

  • We have explained the most important courses in a blue tooltip.  
Digital Media Management i 3
Digital Marketing 3
Expert Classes Branding & Activation i 3
Media Strategy i 3
Expert Skills Branding & Activation i 5
Audio & Videoproduction 2 i 3
Graphic Design Print & Web 3
Agency & Entrepreneurship B&A 10
International Internship B&A 30
Writing & Presentation Skills i 3
Regional and City Marketing 3
Digital Media Management i 3
Expert Classes Public & Corporate Affairs i 3
Media Strategy i 3
Expert Skills Public & Corporate Affairs i 3
Media Production Practices 8
Agency & Entrepreneurship P&CA 10
Public Speaking 3
Writing & Presentation Skills i 3
International Internship PC&A 30
ICM Sample roster

This programme offers a February start date and guarantees a  2-semester (1-year) study path.  Check the  admission requirements for international degree students,  apply and you’re in! Of course, we’ll organise Welcome Days for you too!

Need some advice before deciding when to start?

We understand that you may need some more personal guidance when making a decision on your start date. We’ve got you covered! Check out our  Meet us page to connect with us through webinars, open days and more!

Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to the programme manager of your programme. Plus, our admissions team  and international support are always there  to help you with more general questions!


Learn the craft, inside and out

Develop the communication skills that can solve real business challenges! Get insights from seasoned experts! And apply them to real-life international projects. All as part of a dynamic group of like-minded students from around the world.

Challenge yourself to go further

Practice makes perfect. That’s why we have upgraded our international internship to 15 full-blown weeks! To give your chances of launching your exciting, international career a well-deserved boost.

Become a professional reputation manager

Widely deployable from the launch of a new fashion line to first aid in case of crisis. Hands-on workshops make you the perfect representative of organisations and companies.

In practice

In this short programme, you will take all of the courses in English, together with a group of international students.

You will be taught by faculty staff as well as by international professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your international network.

Public relations vergadering

Personal coaching

Count on expert coaching from your lecturers who are themselves experienced experts in their field. But that’s not all. They are aware of the challenges you face and therefore provide you with tools to sharpen your focus. They train you to rise to the occasion and perform under pressure. And, they challenge you to reflect on your professional goals so you, and only you, choose where and how you want to create an impact. 

Programme coordinator

Steven Meel

For all your questions about the programme. +32 473 83 06 81
Study path coach/coordinator

Ynte De Maeyer

For all your questions about tutoring and facilities.

Admissions Officer

For all your questions about Admissions & Application.
Available by phone 9.00 - 15.00 +32 15 36 92 50

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