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Hajar Ghaem

Hajar Ghaem

Care and well-being - Research group Mobilab & Care

Algorithm development and AI

Applied Data Scientist with focus on AI and machine learning technology in the health domain.

Hajar works as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher at Mobilab & Care.

Prior to her current role, she worked as a software engineer at Crius Group, contributing to digital and smart content transformation. Hajar also served as a Semantic Web and Digital Publishing researcher at the DataScience Lab at iMinds (Imec) from March 2013 to March 2016. During this time, she collaborated on various projects, including "Publisher of the Future," "EduTab," and "Adaptive Mobile Learning Platforms," focusing on adaptive e-TextBooks and content.

She received her master's degree in Computer Science - Software Design (2012) from the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

Before obtaining her master's degree (2009), she was a software designer at Faraanegar Multimedia, a lecturer at colleges, a teacher at a vocational school and an international school for about eight years. Her diverse background showcases her experience and expertise in both software development and educational settings.