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Informal Care "Mantelkracht"

Coaching program for caregivers

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This practical book is based on the Mantelkracht coaching program, which helps practitioners to enhance the abilities of informal caregivers.

The program has five pillars:

  • Meeting regularly and for a long time
  • Combination of group and individual sessions
  • Maintaining a positive and appreciative approach
  • Listening to the caregivers' needs
  • Offering a diverse range of activities.

The objective of this publication is to supplement the Mantelkracht coaching program, enabling informal caregivers to deliver higher-quality care to both themselves and the people they care for.


Liesbet Lommelen

Fascinated by hands-on social science research & the search for working elements that promote connecting or supporting people, warm heart for vulnerable older people, gets energised by aha erlebnis.