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Samen aan Z

Training tailored to the health and well-being sector

Working to increase retention of care professionals and strengthen their adaptive & innovative capacity. That, in a nutshell, is the goal of ‘Samen aan Z’. This new, cross-border Interreg project is a continuation of the earlier projects ‘Blijf aan Z’ and Care2Adapt.


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Provincie Antwerpen

What is ‘Samen aan Z’?

‘Samen aan Z’ started on May 1, 2023, runs for 3 years and is a collaboration of 10 partners, including Thomas More. Specifically, this project offers several free training paths for health and well-bering settings.

  • Care2Adapt: for employees who will play a bridging role between innovation and their workplace. This intensive multi-day training program coaches, supports and guides the participants and offers them tools, tips and frameworks around the introduction and implementation of innovation(s) in care organizations.
  • Team Champions Welfare: for health care workers who want to bring change within their team from the bottom up and work on increasing resilience.
  • Lead to engage and retain: for managers who want to develop themselves further to build healthy and happy teams.
  • Resilient start: for starting nurses who are following a training program to increase their resilience.

In addition, in this project we are working on the development of an application to measure and analyze employability and outflow within healthcare organizations in a scientifically substantiated way. 

The project thus focuses on the further development and fine-tuning of various training and collaboration models that were tested in previous (pilot) projects within Interreg Flanders-Netherlands (particularly ‘Blijf aan Z’ and Care2Adapt). In ‘Samen aan Z’, they are given their improved and definitive form.

Our partners

‘Samen aan Z’ is a joint project of the APB Gouverneur Kinsbergen Center (Province of Antwerp), University of Antwerp, Care and Innovation Center West-Brabant, Fontys Hogescholen, Thomas More Hogeschool, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Stormin, tanteLouise and Zorggroep Orion.

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Our researchers

From Thomas More, three centers of expertise are collaborating on this research: Care and Well-being, Design and Technology, Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation.


Wendy de Vaal

Wendy de Vaal has been a researcher in the People and Well-being research group since 2023. Based on her expertise in healthcare, she participates in the research project 'Samen aan Z Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland'. 

Research line coordinator

Wessel van de Veerdonk

For his PhD, Wessel van de Veerdonk - epidemiologist (Msc) and nurse (Bsc) - focused on the Flemish Population Screening for Colorectal Cancer. Today, he is a researcher and coordinator of the Prevention and Empowerment research group.


Bert Bonroy

Fascinated by how technology can support care today and tomorrow.


Nele De Witte

Nele De Witte (PhD) is a researcher in the People and Well-being research group, research line Psychology and technology. Her areas of expertise include wearables and XR. She is also the scientific coordinator of LiCalab.


Glen Debard

Researcher committed to introducing technology in (mental) health care for young and old.


Kaat Jansen

Kaat Jansen is an occupational and organisational psychologist, coach and lecturer. She also holds a degree in 'sports & exercise psychology'. From her expertise, she is involved in the research project Samen aan Z.

Research line coordinator

Patrick Pelgrims

His research interests are mainly focused on instrumentation for bio-medical devices and smart embedded systems.


Anne Smits

Anne Smits is a researcher at the Sustainable Business and Digital Innovation expertise centre. Her experience is situated in the field of digital product development, User Experience and user research and this in both a B2B and B2C context.


Ann De Mey

Ann De Mey (MScN) has been working as a researcher in the People and Well-being research group since 2023. From her expertise in health care, she is involved in the research project 'Samen aan Z'.