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Research line

Safe Sport

The research line 'Safe Sport' conducts quantitative and qualitative research on the characteristics of violence against children, minors and vulnerable groups from both victims and perpetrators' perspectives. In addition, we conduct practical research to prevent harassment and abuse in local sports clubs and higher education institutions. We have developed educational materials and intervention programmes and have evaluated their effectiveness in preventing harassment and abuse. 

Specifically, we focus on:

  • research on the nature and extent of harassment and abuse towards children, minors and vulnerable groups;
  • research on the behavior change of bystanders;
  • research on effective additional intervention for coaches, doctors and paramedical personnel to detect and respond appropriately to harassment and abuse in time;
  • and research on the effectiveness and implementation of local, national and international prevention policies.

Realized tools 

Current projects

Our team


Tine Vertommen

As researcher, Tine Vertommen built expertise in a wide range of topics in criminology and forensic psychology. Today, she focusses on interpersonal violence in general and more specifically in the sport context. 


Helena Verhelle

Helena Verhelle has been working in the People and Well-being research group since 2017. Based on her expertise in forensic psychiatry, she participates in several research projects on interpersonal violence. 



Karolien Adriaens

Karolien Adriaens (PhD) has been working in the People and Well-being research group since 2021. She participates in several research projects on transgressive behaviour: Safe Sport Allies and Safe Para Sport Allies, Safe Sport Project, ASOIF project


Mieke Decuyper

Mieke Decuyper (PhD) has been a lecturer-researcher in the People and Well-being research group since 2017. Mieke has expertise in personality diagnostics and the development and standardisation of psychodiagnostic instruments.


Felien Laureys

Felien Laureys has been part of the People and Well-being research group since early 2023. She co-supports a project on violence and transgressive behaviour in (adult) athletes within the research line on transgressive behaviour.