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Technology for smarter care

Innovating for and with the healthcare sector

At Mobilab & Care, our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all. Leveraging our expertise in various technological domains, including artificial intelligence, monitoring systems, 3D scanning and printing, robotics, biomechanical testing, and more, we are dedicated to researching, developing, and rigorously testing practical innovations tailored for application within the care sector.

2 personen; één houdt een ping pong palletje, andere een speciale camera

Exploring Options and Providing Support

We employ technology to enhance the effectiveness of care. This includes developing solutions such as an active exoskeleton to assist stroke patients in rehabilitation exercises or developing apps that monitor and guide patients with heart failure. One of our core missions is to leverage technology for smarter care, strengthening the overall care landscape through our technological innovations. These innovations complement and enhance existing care practices.

Thanks to the VLAIO subsidy financing  "Blikopener", we can offer initial, low-barrier advice tailored to the specific questions or needs of your organization or company, at no cost. With our extensive experience in Flemish and European projects, we are also well-equipped to assist you in identifying potential grant opportunities.

Developing and testing Assistive Devices

We harness our expertise to both create our own prototypes and support business innovations within the healthcare sector and educational innovation. One notable example is our collaboration with orthopaedic companies, where we assist in refining their assistive devices to better suit individual patients through rigorous and controlled testing within our state-of-the-art motion lab.


Our research lines within this mission