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The small acts of kindness "Het kleine helpen"

Building neighbourhood networks around the elderly

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The goal is to help socially isolated older people reconnect with others or prevent them from becoming isolated in the first place. We do this by focusing on what the elderly enjoy doing and involving them in neighborhood networks where people help each other. This can take many forms, such as shopping, altering clothes, walking together, organizing a game afternoon, or offering a listening ear. The focus is not on volunteering, but on encouraging mutual support in a street, neighborhood or city.

This publication is for practitioners in care and well-being: managers of local service centers, senior advisors, senior policy coordinators, social workers and policy officers of a PCSW or municipality, community workers, employees of mutual societies, poverty organizations, etc.

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Liesbet Lommelen

Fascinated by hands-on social science research & the search for working elements that promote connecting or supporting people, warm heart for vulnerable older people, gets energised by aha erlebnis.